Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bollocks To Irony!

The last time I blogged I was talking of moving to Vegas and having a series of tawdry,bawdry affairs w/ leggy Vegas showgirls and haven't been heard from since......I WISH I came to you now w/ stories that would make Caligula blush......sadly the only thing I've ridden of late is the pine!!!!!!
The same achilles injury that derailed my 09 season has flaired up again  bringing an abrupt halt to not only my marathon plans but any form of running untill I'm given the all clear to resume training.

I aim to begin physical therapy next week,four years ago I spent eight weeks in therapy so lets say it's September b4 I get the green light to return to training I think I might be biting off more than I can chew hoping to train for a mid November marathon,but as one door closes another one opens......
Maybe it's the fact I'm unable to run right now but suddenly the desire to resume 5 day/40mpw training weeks burns deep inside of me just as I couldn't pinpoint why in late August of last year I lost that desire I now feel ready to get back to what it is I've done week in/week out since the 06 season.

Turning 50 in mid November is the running version of Golf's "mulligan" I get a do over and while sitting out almost a whole year has had it's moments I feel I have points to prove,critical to answer and throats to shove words down,Seb Coe missed most of the 83 season b4 retaining his Olympic 1,500m title in LA the following year and Coe and Ovett have been role models for yours truly,something to consider when rehab starts......