Thursday, March 31, 2016

Iron Maiden's Gonna Get Ya!!!!

Ok,so playing a little catch up here......
Monday sat out my planned 12 miler on account of sore calves from Saturday,basically 3,500m in spikes will do that to ye so rather than "fly in the face of it" I felt it prudent to sit out a desire to begin my prep for the upcoming Outdoor season on the DL

Tuesday 12 miler post work at 4.30pm,sunny and warm at 55 degrees but blustery as feck out there,so windy I ditched my Spurs baseball cap in favour of my bandana as I figured there was less chance of said bandana being blown off me head.....yeah it was that windy!!

Wednesday the first of {hopefully} three late morning/lunchtime 12 milers during the week,since Iron Maiden weren't coming to either Philly or Camden on their current "Book Of Souls" tour I said feck it{I say that a lot don't I???!!!!} and got tickets for their NYC show at MSG,tempting as it was to feck off the run I knew that was bollocks and hit "the path well travelled" around 10.20pm.
Was pleasantly surprised to come across as many runners as I did between 10.20am/12.20pm.....I couldn't be the only one playing "hooky" from work/school could I????

Thursday despite not getting to bed till 2.30am this morning I was "up and at em" by 11.25am today to round off March w/ another 12 miler to give me 93 miles for the month...kinda kickin meself for not getting an extra 7 miles in to keep me at triple digits for the fourth month in a row but it is what it is and I would hazard a guess my April and May mileage will like my beloved Iron a heavy mother!!!"

36 miles down,24 to go,hoping to beat the showers tomorrow and get up early enough on Saturday to log another 12 milers between 9am-11am and then down to Fado's to cop Liverpool Spurs at lunchtime....and have the luxury of Sunday off

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week One In Da Books

Much like the time honoured "it's like riding a bike/falling off a log" I got back into the swing of a 5 day 50mpw this week....even if I did plan it to be a 60mpw.....but you know what....I'm ok w/ it only being 50
Sometimes you have to "walk before you can run" and perhaps going zero to sixty was a tad ambitious to begin w/ so 50mpw it was this week and having gotten that under my belt I feel confident bumping it up to 60 this coming week won't be too much of a stretch for me.

Out the door by 12pm today to "take care of business" only 10 miles given all the extra running I did yesterday which was fine given I was a tad "leggy" after yesterdays multi races....I only planned to run the 1,500m w/ a mile and a half warm up and cool down when I headed north up I 95 to NYC yesterday but then Duncan Smith asked if I was interested in a 4x800m and I said sure....then John Tran asked me if I was interested in a DMR and I said 1,500m Conor O Driscoll asked me if I wanted to warm down out and back over the George Washington bridge......and I said sure........good feckin' job I wasn't asked if I wanted to run a 400m or 4x400m as I'm sure I'd have said sure to that......though it would've given me my own DMR almost,1,500m,1,200m in the DMR and 800m in the 4x800m.......

Grey and overcast out at lunch time but dry,talk of rain in the upcoming seven day forecast which could bollix me for a Monday thro Friday 12 miles=60mpw....I do have Sunday as a "fall back day" if need be and or an early Saturday 12 miler b4 the lunchtime Spurs Liverpool game so we'll "paint,burn,cross,jump" that bridge when the time comes.

Rumour has it it's Easter Sunday today.....I wouldn't know after a brief glimpse into "the holidays" being in a relationship I'm back to being single where frankly each day tends to be just like the one b4....such is life at least I can go home now and enjoy my home made Mushroom Cheesesteak and not have to concern myself w/ the traditional Ham.........

Treadin' The Boards One Last Time

It would've been easy to draw a line in the sand under the Indoor season three weeks ago in Albuquerque off the back of my two silvers in the 800m and 1,500m......Paddy DNA we don't subscribe to "less is more" in our culture so when the New York Frontrunners announced their 17th annual meet at The Armory on Easter Saturday I said "feck it" why not?
One last race indoors,one last chance to tread the "hallowed boards" till January was motivation enough but also the chance to leapfrog Landen's 4.31.55 from Albuquerque which lead the US M50 rankings was also a motivator.
7 laps at 36 seconds and a closing 100m in 18 seconds would give me a 4.30......simple enough when you say it....actually pulling it that's the time honoured "horse of a different colour"......which tends to lend it's self to the classic "don't tell an Irishman he can't do something cos he'll go out of his way to prove ye wrong" mindset.....

I skipped Friday's scheduled 10 miler,my legs were feeling it a tad having had three weeks of taper,Indoor Nationals and then a fortnite off and while "keeping my gunpowder dry" for Saturday I also figured a 5 day/50mpw this week off the back of that was prudent,not to mention going 0 to 50 b4 going 50 to 60 mpw was also wise.

Maybe I erred in putting 4.30 as my seed time,based on my 4.47 at Hartshorne in mid January a 4.29 subtracting the "industry standard" 18 seconds was "par for the course" but I'd set my sight on going after 4.30 so that's what I put....which earnt me the #8 seed of heat #2.
12 man field I was on the left hand side of the yellow line in lane 4 and while no indication was given about we could/couldn't cut in from the gun I stayed in lane 4 till the top of the home straight b4 making my move up to 3rd as we went through the finish line w/ 7 laps to go.
Sadly no clock nor anyone calling splits but I remember my former coach more than once telling me "run on feel" don't worry about the clock,splits,pace etc,if you feel good.....go for it!.

As we completed the first lap I moved to the front,shades of my 1,000m victory here on Jan 28th.....sure I had that nano second moment "oh feck have I gone too soon" but over 1,000m I hit the front and never looked back 8 weeks ago,surely eight weeks down the road I was stronger and faster......???
As I said no clock,no splits,actually someone was calling 200m splits unofficially but I was too focused on maintaining my form and rhythm and speed to worry.
Hearing the bell I gritted my teeth and tried to kick hard for the final 200m,I did hear 4.11 at 1,400m....4.12 would have given me 7 laps at 36 seconds......which is pretty feckin' consistent if I say so myself and I continued to drive the final 100m to cross the line in first,I went 17 months w/out a victory from Aug 2014 to Jan 2016 and now in the space of 8 weeks two wins......feckin told ya getting back into that Eamonn Coghlan mindset would pay dividends......

Off for a cool down run out and back over the nearby George Washington bridge w/ my good friend and fellow Paddy Conor O Driscoll b4 returning to the news I'd ran......4.28.37.....JAYSUS!!!!!!
What can I say? the proof of the pudding is in the tasting and my decision to up my mileage from what now feels like a paltry 40 mpw to 50/55/60 mpw is paying off.....doubt me???? I then lead off the DMR w/ a 3.34.17 1,200m which earnt my team bronze and then ran the third leg of a 4x800m in a semi respectable 2.13.62 which helped us to a win
Throwing in a mile cool down w/ my fellow "multi eventers" Mark Williams and Francis Burdett I logged 6 miles for the day.....which means I only need 10 on Sunday not 12 to round out my 5 day/50 mpw......which is probably a good thing as I have a feeling I'm going to feel "shagged out" tomorrow whenever I choose to get up......but feck it if it wasn't worth it!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Keeping On The Road Well Travelled

ONLY 56 degrees yesterday and not the whopping 70 of Wednesday but even so still a joy to get out and run.
Three days down and 34 miles to show for my efforts it has so far been a rather seemless transition back into training.

Evidently I spoke too soon re next Saturdays Scotland 10K in Central Park.....the event its self is still going ahead,sadly w/out my partisipation as when I went online yesterday to register I was informed entries are closed now.....BOO!!!
In the general scheme of things no big I was just kean to use the race to see where I'm at right now,I can utilize the week to have a more straightforward 5 day/60mpw w/ 12 milers across the board Monday thro Friday w/ Sunday as my fall back day if I lose a day during the week.

Easy 10 miler yesterday and more of the same on tap this afternoon,w/ a 1,500m race on tap tomorrow afternoon sticking to 9/10 min mile pace will be key,no point leaving my legs out on the Schuylkill Footpath/Banks and Kelly Drive if I can't "deliver the goods" over 7.5 laps of the track at The Armory as I hope to lower my 4.34 from Albuqurque from three weeks ago.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tired Limbs,Not Tired Excuses

Ok,so I may have over estimated my bodys ability to jump straight back in at 12 miles on Monday....feck!!!
I awoke Tuesday to that "old man walk" feeling,Jaysus I had to sit on the outside of the bathtub to put my socks on that morning to get dressed for work at 5.10am.....this didn't bode well for a repeat performance of 12 miles on Tuesday.....
I might've swung it had my stomach not felt my throat had been slit,however my regular "hook up" for free lunch fell through and an aching body plus an empty stomach did not make a persuasive arguement for a run of any discript or distance on Tuesday......hey ho!

No such worries yesterday sure I was still a little sore from Monday but it least I ate lunch so upon arriving home at 4.10pm it was off w/ the work clothes and into the running gear and out the door by 4.20pm for another 12 miler.
You'd have to have been some sort of ejjit or gobshite not to have ran yesterday....70 degrees...on March 23rd.......fuckin' ada!! shades,shorts and short sleeves were the order of the afternoon as I made my way out along the trusty sidewalk along the Schuylkill River along Kelly Drive.

Another text book 9 min mile pace/1 hour and 50 minute run....granted next Saturday in Central Park over 10k in the Scotland Run I'll need to pick up the pace but I'm confident I can do so and Saturdays final trip to The Armory for the 1,500m at the annual Frontrunners Meet should aid and abet a little bit of pace into my running

Only 10 miles on tap tonite and another potential 70 degree afternoon........lovin' it!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hitting The Reset Button

It was always my plan to take off the week after Indoor Nationals to allow body and spirit a chance to heal......however a week became a fortnite{Paddy DNA we NEVER do things by half!!!!} and to be honest I'm ok w/ that.
Kicking things off last nite I have 15 weeks till Outdoor Nationals in Grand Rapids Michigan,4 weeks of 60 mpw base,8 weeks of 55/50mpw and 3 weeks of taper will take me upto mid July b4 jetting off to Michigan,ample time to get myself ready.

Easy 12 miler to kick off proceddings last nite,bit of a shock to the system off two weeks of inactivity on top of only 7 miles the week of Indoor Nationals and 3 weeks of tapering but I handled it out and back in roughly 1 hour and 50 mins at 9 minute mile pace.
Conditions were sunny but w/ a brisk breeze coming off the Schuylkill river,gloves might've been overkill but my trust Dublin knit hat kept my head from getting too chilled and once again long sleeves on my Spurs half zip jacket provided ample cover for my hand when the cold began to take a toll around the 4 mile mark.

I'm happy to be back in the groove again,the clocks have gone forward,Spring has officially arrived so six to seven months of top end training on tap,another dozen miles on tap this afternoon and warmer conditions on the way.....the road to Grand Rapids starts now....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another Race,Another Silver

Ok,so now that the 2016 edition of Masters Indoor Nationals is in the book I can happily report my record stands at 5 Silver,6 Bronze.......and four of those silvers have come in my last four races no less!!!

Following a 30 minute ice bath last nite I was only going to do the traditional 20 mins but got so caught up in the latest chapter of my I hope soon to be published Life story "Pale,Paddy & Proud" I was in there for 30 me even after a hot shower right after I got out from the tub I was shivering for a while.....that'll teach me for overdoing it but hey I was in a creative mode w/ the I'm a's not in our DNA to do anything by half!!!

Arrived at the track by 9.20am and got my  stretches in b4 I mile warm up outside,if yesterday I'd been a tad "uptight" pre race today  I was more relaxed and willing to talk to my opponents,something I didn't do b4 the 1,500m,"game face" is one thing but this is meant to be fun,plus we're in our 50s now this isn't "life or death"

Originally there were due to be two fields for the M50 800m but w/ scratches and several runners opting for the 3,000m over the 800m only 7 of us toed the line:Landen Summay,Dan Bergeson,me,David Bynoe,Tim Hoff,Richard Larson and Bruce Rash.
I knew Landen was going to take it out from the gun so the plan was go w/ him and hope for the best,good reaction to the gun again but got cut off by Dave Bynoe going into the first turn,Landen and Dan were pulling away so I made my move on the back straight to swing by Dave and Dan and into second just behind Landen.
Holy shit! 30 seconds for the opening 200m from Landen,I knew he wouldn't be hanging around and I probably went through in a not too shabby 31 w/ Dan and Dave not too far behind me.
60 at 400m for Landen 61 for moi I felt ok but tried not to think about the pace and just hang on for dear life,in my mind I felt I was running for second b4 the gun went off anyway but at least I was going for it rather than "playing safe" and looking to out kick Dan and Dave at the death.

1.32 I think at 600m,Landen was opening a gap but I was aware that I couldn't hear Dan or Dave behind me,unlike both my Outdoor Nationals races last summer when I glanced over my shoulder to see if I had bronze taken care of in the 800m and 1,500m I kept my eyes forward yesterday and today,seven months removed from the paler version of me then I feel much stronger and much more confident as a result of my off season and prep for this weekend.
My legs felt they had turned to rubber coming off the final turn,Landen was close to if not crossing the line in an impressive 2.03.24 and I might've had a 2.07/2.08 in me if I could've gotten my legs to cooperate!

Second and Silver in 2.09.51......not too shabby if I say so myself,both Indoor  800s this season were sub 2.10 2.09.94 in February at The Armory and now 2.09.51 here at altitude......go me!
All in all no complaints from the weekend,another two Masters Nationals medals to the collection and another pair of podium finishes to continue enhancing my legacy.
I suspect there's one more Indoor meet in me at The Armory on March 26th to wrap my Indoor season b4 off to build some base b4 the Outdoor season.....Grand Rapids Michigan here I come!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hey Ho,Silver Indoor Nationals record now stands at 14 races in 10 years,4 non podium finishes,4 Silvers and 6 Bronzes........STILL awaiting that so far elusive Gold.
Heading into this mornings 1,500m I knew my chances were remote both Mike Blackmore and Landen Summay had bested me in our previous races outdoors Mike over 5,000m and 800m in Sacramento in 2010 and Landen over 800m and 1,500m in Lisle in 2012 but we had never met each other fact until today neither Mike or Landen had competed at Indoor Nationals......just my luck eh?
Glass half empty why now? why this year? Glass half full knowing I had them standing between me and my hopes of an Indoor Gold at Nationals meant I had to train harder than maybe I have over the last few years.

Despite not arriving in Albuquerque till midnight east coast time,10pm here on Friday night I was up by 7am to first shower,then have theory anyway....
Being two hours behind the east coast meant the 7.45am kick off in the all important North London derby was already underway when I crawled out beneath the covers of my King Size bed,1.0 down at half time I was NOT a happy camper,however returning from breakfast "the boys" were 2.1 up and arsenal were down a man.....C'mon You Spurs!!!!!
Sadly for me arsenal tied it at 2.2 so no bragging rights this season as it finished 1.1 in the reverse fixture earlier,we are however three points ahead of our North London foes w/ nine games left this season,regrettably the points we dropped this week at Wet Spam and at home to the gooners means Leicester are now five points clear of us at the top.

Took the short walk from my hotel to the Albuquerque Convention Center,one plus about having Indoor Nationals in New Mexico was it was warm at 9.10am when I made my way downtown,usually at Indoor Nationals in March you're freezing your arse off,it was so warm I did my 1.5 mile warm up outside post stretches.
M50 was heat 6 and eventually we were called by the official to the track,a 12 man field,I was seeded 2 inbetween Mike and Landen.
Good reaction to the gun but the field more or less collapsed on me from my right,I wanted to hold the rail but in doing so found myself in 7th as we came through the finishline w/ 7 laps to go.
No worries I wasn't looking to take it out hard to begin w/ and also dealing w/ the altitude issue my race plan was easy opening 3.5 laps,hard final 800m.
W/ 5 laps to go I moved into 5th behind Blackmore,Burdett,Summay and Larson finally getting by Mayberry and Comstock,I have no idea of pace and or splits and frankly was not worried,chances are at altitude the times would be slow anyway.

W/ 800m to go I moved into 3rd in my mind it was always going to be Blackmore,Burdett,Summay and me when the shake up for medals happened and w/ three laps to go I retained third
At this point I wasn't feeling any effects of the altitude,maybe the fact we went out slow for the opening few laps found none of us in "oxygen debt" all I had to do was hang on.......
Coming off the top turn w/ 450 meters to go Landen made his move,I covered it as best I could and eased by Mike for second in my mind it was going to be either Mike or Landen in front at the bell and I hoped I was close enough to go after them.
Showing no effects from his 400m yesterday where he finished 4th Landen was a good  3 seconds up on me while I held a 2 second lead over Mike.

Unless he tripped,fell or pulled a hamstring Landen was going to win but I was not about to run up the white flag, few years ago I jokingly referred to myself at "the Bronze God" where Indoor Nationals were concerned but for the third race in a row I was about to win a Silver.....and while not the Gold I coveted it was something to show for my efforts.
Landen Gold in 4.31.55,Himself Silver in 4.34.73,Mike Bronze in 4.36.91.

W/ the dust settling now on this mornings race I can be philosophical,I did all I could to win and gave myself the best chance but my best wasn't good enough to win,I can live w/ that.
Tomorrow is a new day and another race,the 800m yes I have to go toe to toe w/ Landen again and last years champ Dan Bergeson but so be it...I'm Ready!!!!!