Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kevin F Version 2.0

Ok so I need to explain my lack of activity on both the blog and my running,simple truth I took six weeks off not through injury{thank God!}but due to a lack of hunger and desire to get out there and put in the requisite 5 days/50 mpw training weeks I'm required to to enable me to compete at the level I'm used to.

In fairness this time time last year I was looking at numerous "exit strategies" if I wanted to call time on my career as a competitive runner,I've ran almost all my life I doubt I could turn  my back on it 100% unless my body deemed otherwise but there are times when "putting the run first" before everything becomes a chore,ney grind that I don't resent but do question.
I am not one to show up at Nationals...or any race for that matter to simply "make up the numbers" I don't expect to win but I do have to compete to the level my God given talent expects me too and frankly I'm not willing to drop close to $1000 in air fair/hotel/meals etc and go to Grand Rapids in a few weeks time having sat on my arse for the last six weeks.

God willing there will be other National Championships,don't get it twisted I love to compete at Nationals and my four individual National Championships mean the world to me but Nationals are NOT the be all and end all YES I have made them that way in eight of the past ten years but often at the expense of something to finance them
Perhaps this year as I move into the back half of middle age w/ old age a little ways off just yet I have opted to NOT put the almighty run first,this summer I would rather refurnish my apartment and the $1000 I would have dropped to go to Michigan will be better spent on getting my living room and bedroom "tarted up" somewhat,do you realize I've sat on the same tatty recliners for the past 20 plus years? it's time for a Futon in the living room
As you may know I've been expanding my writing of late, I feel a Writing Desk is a worthwhile addition to the living room plus the restoration of Internet at home,I can't wait till every weekend to hit up my favourite Starbucks to write on my laptop.
And four years on from moving into my own place my cds still sit in boxes on the floor,I keep threatening to go to Home Depot to get blocks and shelving,now feels the time to make good on that threat.

I surprised myself yesterday at the USATF Club Nationals by running a semi respectable 2.11.89 Masters 800m,finishing 5th of 10,not bad for someone who's sat on his hole for six weeks watching Soccer and eating Pizza and Ice Cream......I'd already made up my mind this coming week I was about to get back "in the game" yesterday would see me either sink or swim.....surprisingly I swam and instead of the envious glances out of the trolley windows on my way home at those out there "getting their run in" I will once again take my place amongst the rank and file of the brother and sisterhood of the running fraternity.
5th Avenue Mile is 10 weeks away,I have ample time to whip myself into shape,no pesky club Track Pentathlon to worry about......and that rumbling sound you hear is the sound of a sleeping giant waking up,yawning,stretching and asking "where are my fecking running shoes?" recess is over reboot is on!