Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Same Old Scene

So w/ the dust settling on Pope Francis's historic visit to the "City Of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection" things are getting back to normal...or for whatever passes as normal!!!
Having been given the day off due to the disruption of Mass Transit I was tempted to knock out my 10 miler right off the bat just to get it out of the way......but as the say goes "the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak!!!"
Off a semi late nite Friday I was up at at a semi reasonable time to handle my 14 miler Saturday,off a late nite on Saturday I was up at a reasonable time to handle my 9 miler Sunday but off a late nite Sunday I wasn't feeling a 9 or 10 miler when I first awoke let me tell ya!!!

At one point yesterday not running at all was an option as I thought it would make for a nice change of pace to have a "day off" that also applied to training.......but by lunchtime I got my second wind and decided I'd take care of business over 10 miles.
The fact I was back to a distance I'm used to on a route{out and back along the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr} that I run more often than not and at a time of day {4.30pm} I'm used to running all lent considerable weight to the beliefe that "things had returned to normal"

Conditions were delightfully warm for the end of September and I worked up a good sweat out there as was evident from the state of my bandann and dri fit sleeveless shirt by the time I finished my run just after 6pm.
Maybe the fact I was back to a distance I consider my "bread and butter" at 10 miles lent to the feeling it was an easy run,maybe two weeks of 55 mile weeks have gotten me tougher and stronger,maybe not having to get up at 5am and working my knackers off all day on the dock helped me yesterday to feel I've turned a corner in training......today could be a different story but I guess we'll find out this aftrnoon won't we?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday Morning Call

While the masses were......having mass on the Parkway w/ Pope Francis I took care of my easy 9 miler to round out my second fifty five mile week of "off season training" two down four to go!

Once again elected to go the Powelton Ave/Mantua route to 34th St and past the Philadelphia Zoo and over to Fairmount Park,by the time I reached Belmont Plateau I had 42 mins on the watch,so once around the outside loop and up Flagpole gave me 45 mins and w/ that I headed back the way I came to give me the requisit 90 mins I needed to take care of things.
On my way back towards the Zoo I ran into my friend and team mate Sean{Doctor Harbison to you!} normally I bump into "the good doctor" along the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr so we stopped and joked about having to switch up our routine to accomodate the Papel visit this weekend.

I do plan to make Fairmount Park/Belmont part of my Sunday long run from next weekend,change is good and while I'm not someone who "embraces change" in the past I'm learning that the "olde way" I have clung onto in the past almost like a life preserver needs to be "tweaked" oh so slightly and I do so willingly as I'm slowly coming to the realization that "life as I knew it for so long" is thankfully changing and for the better.
Part of this six week "off season" is to get six weeks of 55 mile weeks under my belt and build a solid base to work on come the end of October once I resume 40mpw w/ two visits to the track,next season marks the 40th anniversary of my debut as a track runner in my freshman year in high school,what I won't give to have a banner year on the track to mark that landmark so if that means some blood,sweat and tears now to make myself ready so be it,the 2015 season was ok,could've been better,could've been worse I made mistakes that I feel I learnt from and if you've ever seen a junk yard dog barking and nashing it's teeth at an intruder then you've seen me as I prepare for the 2016 season......it's sooooo on!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magical Mystery Tour

Ok so I nixed yesterdays run,by the time I'd taken care of grocery shopping it was 5.40pm.....not too late to knock out a swift 10 miler but yet again "Hank Marvin" put in an unwanted apperarence.......fecker!!!
It dawned on me since last Saturday I,ve logged 58 miles so the fact my stomuch is telling me "yo we need more fuel for the engine if your hell bent on logged these extra miles" should come as no surprize....
It's always easier to remedy a problem if you know what it is to begin w/ so I'll make sure I start eating more during the day to combat this and fingers crossed "Hank Marvin" will piss off and leave me alone next week!!!!!!!

Up by 9.45am this morning made rosey and a few breakfast sandwiches to "fuel up" for my run.....and then jigged around the living room as Spurs spanked Man City 4.1........#JAMESJOYCE    rejoice.
Feckers have owned us the past few seasons so I'll take this one,Kane off the snide nice,Coco Lamela man of the match and a standing ovation when he came off     C,mon You Spurs!!!!!!

W/ the Pope in Philly for the weekend I had no idea what roads would or wouldn't be open which is why I had hoped to "handle my business" b4 the weekend....till "Hank Marvin" bollocked that up for me......"Hank Marvin" is the devil????? maybe!!!
Anywho blessed w/ a keen sence of direction and a former Boy Scout{dib,dib dib!!!!} I figured heading over towards Fairmount Park and Belmont Plateau was the  way to go,using my stop watch as my guide and 10 mins per mile as my template a 2 hour 10 min run would be worth 13 miles....worked for me.
Gotta say maybe it was the change of enviroment today but I could see my Sunday long runs being up on Fairmount Park/Belmont Plateau from now on,don't get me wrong the Art Museum Loop is great but grass/trail to run on hills to work up and down felt like a nice change....maybe a metaphor as little by little the old way of doing things feels it's being washed away and replaced w/ a new attitude and new outlook on life which trickles into my running.

Ended up w/ a 2 hour 20 min run.....feck it I'm putting that down as a 14 miler which means a 90 min 9 miler tomorrow back up on Belmont Plateau will give me a second 5 day/55mpw.......Kev tested Pope approved!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Putting The Boss Into Big Boss Groove

So,reluctantly I sat out Wednesday,my butt was draggin' having got to bed at 12.30am and up again by 5.09am and the prospect of my arse cheeks scraping the asphalt behind me along the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr over 10 or 13 miles wasn't a big selling point but also being "Hank Marvin" came into play and frankly the prospect of  being out for  over two hours when my stomuch felt as if my throat had been cut didn't help any either.
So taking a leaf out of my former coaches playbook "listen to what your body is telling you" I sat it out,no point making myself sick for the sake of "being principled" if it comes back to bite in the arse Saturday so be it.....

Last nite however I handled my business like a boss, 13 miler out and back to almost Falls Bridge in blue skies it was as beautiful as it sounds,having gone thwe short sleeve route Monday and Tuesday it felt good to be back in sleeveless and shades mode plus bandana not baseball cap mode.
Passed a couple of my teamates early on along Schuylkill Banks Professor Clark and Doctor Harbison always nice to see a friendly face out on my runs.

Again an untimed run,again felt good over the closing miles unlike last weekend over 12 and 14 miles which bodes well for tonites repeat 13 miler and next weeks return to more conventional week w/ a 12/14 split Saturday and Sunday.
32 down 23 to go.......

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Easy 6 miler last nite,why only 6 miles you ask?????
Given the opportunity to "be out on a school nite" to see Jesus & Mary Chain at Union Transfer last night I had two options,no run or low milage.....factor in the Pope's visit to Philly this weekend meant not running last night wasn't an option so 6 miles it was.

Having ran a series of 9,10,12,14 and 13 milers of late dropping back down to 6 was a somewhat shock to the system but in a good way.....the bigger shock will be going back up to 10 or 13 tonite!
Conditions were grey and overcast again,so again I opted for my white Spurs short sleeve Under Armour dri fit shirt.....which goes rather well w/ my blue Spurs baseball cap...you know in case it rains while I'm running,  along w/ my blue Under Armour Spurs shorts and white socks I feel it's safe to say whos mast my colours are nailed to!!

Since time was somewhat of an issue I was on the road a tad earlier than I have been of late,it's funny how times have changed,a few years ago I could've gone 10 miles,showered,eaten a quick dinner and gotten to the gig in time to catch the headliner cos I was going by myself.......these days I have friends and a loved one who I  prefer to see pre show for a meal and a drink then enjoy the show w/........I can still get my miles in this week and have my "cake and eat it so to speak"......#lifeisgood

6 miles done,tonite might be a grind over 10 or 13 miles depending how I feel when I get out there but last nites show was worth it,I'll lose a few hours sleep for a good concert,and even more for making it  memorable night YOLO You Only Live Once so why not make the most of it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bakers Dozen

No time to rest on my laurals or rest my weary legs,back at it on Monday.
Were this an "regular" week I could have thrown in either a 9 or 10 miler....however!!!!!!!!!
W/ the Pope coming to Philly this weekend "shit is about to get twisted like a Pretzel" so since I don't want to get "banajaxed" on the weekend and be told I can't acccess the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr/W.River Dr I figured I'd get my 55 miles in Monday thro Friday.....

It's a tall order but not one that can't be negotiated so the plan for the week is:13 6 13 13 10 which even w/ my piss poor math skills comes out to 55 miles.
So off the back of my 12 and 14 milers Saturday and Sunday it was into a 13 miler Monday evening......just what the Saidist....I mean Doctor ordered!!!!

W/ Fall two days away I got my first glimpse of the changing season the nite b4 as I shut my living room windows and hastily digging out a blanket for the nite,it was a tad brisk at 5.20am when I left for the work and by 4.50pm when it was time to run the skies were grey and overcast so much so that I opted for short sleeves for the first time in a while, but I've known "that cheque was in the mail" for a while now....
It's amazing how a little overcast weather keeps the "fair weather runners" away there were only "the few,the brave,the fully committed" out on Kelly Dr last nite,fine by me,less Pratt's on Noddy bikes to piss me off! but frankly tonite I was very much a man alone w/ his thoughts as I made my upto Falls bridge and the 6.5 mile mark.

It's an odd distance 13 miles.....unless you ran half marathons I guess!!! but I figured three 13 milers on week nites wasn't a bad way to go this week and having had to dig deep both mentally and physically over the closing 2 miles of my 12 miler Saturday and then again over the closing 3 miles on Sundays 14 miler it was nice last nite not to have to "go there" again over 13 miles.
I'm not saying I've got 13 miles down pat....not w/ back to back Bakers Dozens on tap Wed & Thur but for last nite I was on top of it, a sign I hope my body is coming to terms w/ the extra milage I'm putting on ye olde legs.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend Warrior Part Two

Having survived yesterdays 12 miler.......not to mention the Pratt on her Noddy bike it was back to the loop today for a 14 miler.
I haven't "gone long" on a Sunday since early June so there was a feeling of trepidation today......bit like a long tailed cat in a rocking chair showroom......but you'll be glad to know this "Tabby" negotiated the Art Museam Loop like a boss....or Top Cat!!!!

A slightly later start than normal but today was a "Hands Across The Ocean" day,checking the Spurs result.....1.0 over Palace which means my sister,brother in law,nephew and niece aren't speaking to me now.....oh well
Then Dublin beat Kerry in the All Ireland Football final in Dublin......which means my mother and cousin aren't speaking to me either.........oh to be popular eh????
At least my brother who's a fully paid up member of the "Yid Army" spoke to me as we had a long rap session on the "dog and bone" upshot 12.20pm b4 I headed out the door.

Conditions started out overcast,so much so that I ditched my sleeveless shirt for my Captain America dri fit short sleeve but the "currant bun" eventually made an appearence b4 I finished.
As has been my won't all week no watch on the run,it's "miles not minutes" during the off season so I have no idea of my time/pace......but all that mattered was getting back to the finish under my own steam.
Crossing Falls Bridge at 7 miles always gives me hope to see it through,rather than think of 7 more miles I brake it down to a mile at a time and even though at the start of Boathouse Row w/ 3 and 1/4 miles to go my "demons" began to chunter"you aint got it,no knee lift,no leg turnover arms like cooked Linguine......your toast boy......conceed defeat".........."Bollocks Fuck Off!!!"
I'm a stuborn prick{NO!!!!!!????} and refused to yeild,yeah my pace was shot but I wasn't walking the final three miles.
Dug deep mentally and physically,it wasn't pretty and "God May Not Like Ugly" but he also hates a quitter,the uphill off ramp to South St bridge almost did me in w/ just under two miles to go and then hitting three red lights in a row killed what little rhythm I had but once I hit 39th & Baltumore and a mile to go I knew the chilled water and Fruit Smoothie in the fridge were calling me home.....

Knackered but 14 miles,55 for the week,"how'd you like me now????!!!" week one of the off season in the books.....now to do it all again next week!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend Warrior Part One

Funny to not be on a track doing repeats on a Saturday but such is the nature of my off season,absence makes the heart grow fonder and hopefully the legs quicker when I return on October 28th and November 1st.
12 miler on tap this morning,need to check when my last dozen was ditto for tomorrows scheduled 14 mile Sunday Long Run but I was confident in my ablility to take care care of business today and that in turn should parlay it's way into a successful 14 miler tomorrow.

Out the door just gone 11.10am,the sun was out,the shades were on and frankly yours truly didn't have a care in the world as he made his way down to the trusty Schuylkill Footpath/Banks and Kelly Dr.
Numerous folks out getting their run on,it's fall Marathon season plus come October you can't turn round w/out a local 5k on both Saturday and Sunday which I say as an observation not a diss.
As has been my won't all week no watch,these runs are all about the miles,come late October there'll be enough time to be "goverened by the clock/stop watch"

Reached the turnaround or mile 3 from Lloyd Hall where each 1/4 mile is marked off and felt ok,had worked up a decent sweat and was confident the inbound six miles held no worries for me.
As is my won't I broke the inbound leg down mile by mile,mile 7 is where I turn on a 10 miler and I've cranked out two this week,mile 8 where I'd turn on my 8 milers,Lloyd Hall 3 miles to go,just a matter of getting down the Schuylkill Banks to the footpath to 2 miles to go,up the off ramp and over the South St bridge,1.5 miles to go,39th & Balltimore 1 mile to go....if need be brake it down one block at a time but this was getting done period......and then the shit hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just b4 the end of the Banks b4 Walnut St bridge I came up alongside two walkers walking side by side,ok it's a narrow footpath but there was room to work w/.........NOT according to the PRATT on her Noddy bike coming up behind us!!!!
I heard her first "on your left" b4 I swung by the walkers and duly  moved back to the edge of the path as I tend to do on my runs......"on your left" barks Pratt as she pulls alongside me....to which I indicated I was already all the way over to the edge of the path.....
"On your left!!!!" she barks at me again.....REALLY????? I now jesture a w/ my hands the size of the space I'm occupying,seriously if I turned sideways I'd dissapear
"Yeah cos I take up SO MUCH SPACE" I tell Pratt.......
"Yes you do!!" is her epic comeback......so not only are you a Pratt but you're also fuckin stupid!!!
"Go fuck yourself!!!!" was my responce.....not very original but hey!
Pratt proceeds to mutter something as she pedles away.....and then for the clincher she now slows thrusts out her left arm to indicate she stopping at the waterfountain.....really that for my benefit cos you want to show you are responsible cyclist?????
I proceed to pull alongside and thrust out my left hand w/  middle finger standing to FULL  attention
"here's a hand single for you!!!" I offer as my parting gift........

I guess the Pagan running  gods were happy to offer me a "sacrifice" cos if my legs had been dragging and my knee lift/leg turnover was low this incident offered me  some much needed fire as I proceeded to pick up the pace over the closing two miles.
Bitch! you wanna dance w/ the devil you're getting both horns.....and now you know why I rock the bandanna on my runs...NOT to keep the sweat out of my eyes but to keep the Devil Horns hidden!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy Tiger! Easy Miles!!

After back to back 10 milers Monday and Tuesday I opted for a rest day Wednesday more due to "technical issues" than running issues b4 resuming yesterday w/ a 9 miler.
It would've been easier to have opened w/ a 9 miler and then go 10/10 but you know me I like to dance to the beat of my own drum,ergo why I didn't go 10,10,10,that would've been more streamline/uniform but by going 9,10,10 or 10,10,9 or even 10,9,10 I can throw in a 12 miler Saturday which in turn makes Sundays return to the realm of Sunday long runs over 14 miles a tad easier.....see method,madness!!!

Continued to enjoy the weather,running in September is always a delight Peco Tower didn't display the temps again but my guess was mid 80s and sunny,gonna ride this train as long as I can,there will come a time to ditch the Three S's {Shades,Sleeveless,Shorts} but not just yet so working on my tan lines it is till late October I guess!!

Nothing out of the ordinary to report just a man alone w/ his thoughts enjoying the weather,pretty basic really but somedays that in of it's self is enough of a reward, lets see what the weekends 12 and 14 milers yield?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ten Ten Till We Do It Again John!

W/ the dust settling on 5th Avenue Mile and my 2015 season it was time not to smell the roses or bask in the afterglow but press forward w/ the off season.
There'll be time a plenty to review the 2015 season when the time is right for now I need to lay the ground work for 2016 and that requires a six week "off season" program which began Monday.

The plan is to go: 10,10,9,12,14 for a 55 mile week between now and October 25th b4 dropping back down to the more traditional 8,4,8,6,14 40 mile week w/ two visits to the track per week.
I already know I will have to "tweek" a couple of those weeks,w/ the Papel visit next weekend I may be better served getting my miles in Monday thro Friday as I have no idea what things will be like next weekend out and back along/around the Art Museum Loop and then the week of Oct 12th I have a 5k xc race up in Saratoga so that will require another "tweek" if I'm to have "my cake and  eat it" ie get my 55mpw in and race.......but all in good time.

Monday and Tuesday saw back to back 10 milers to get the ball rolling,having slowly rebuilt my mileage after my taper for Worlds I was no stranger to the 10 miler and frankly Monday was as easy as could be,I love running this time of, it's way cooler than July and August and the air quality makes life easier unlike say two weeks ago when my 8 milers were in 92 degree days.
The only "issue" I had Monday was an age old one..... some wannabe Lance Armstrong type getting WAY to close to me for my liking,listen fucker unless your buying me dinner,sleeping w/ me and/or my girlfriend I DON'T want you {or anyone for that matter} THAT close to me!
Have the goddamn decency to say"on your right/on your left" as you prepare to blow by me,you want to be a Lance Armstrong clone I can help you lose a testicle.....or both it's all the same to me!!!

Tuesday saw both sides of my persona all w/ in a two block radius albeit 8 miles apart.......let me explain!
On the outbound 5 miles just b4 the opening mile I had to cross 40th and Baltimore,ever aware of my surroundings I looked up to see I had the green light so I continued my forward motion.............
"Jobsworth" decides EVEN though he's got the red light he's gonna "cheat" the light since there's no oncoming traffic from his lefthand side and proceeds to pull out.....just as yours truly is running infront of him!!!!!!!!!
Ok so you raised your hand in the universal " opps my bad" gesture but that's not good enough pal,I know I'm cute but I have zero desire to be a "hood ornament" and muchless on that piece of shit you're driving!!!! And had no problem yelling "you might want to try stopping next time you coconut"!!! think about it you'll get.........

Eight mile later and now inside the final mile heading back down Baltimore Ave I saw a cyclist wipe out on the corner of 42nd and Baltimore,my guess would be her tire got caught in the #34 trolley tracks which happened to me eons ago,I could've kept running and thought "sucks to be you" but didn't.
Recently I've become a big fan of "positive energy" and if you put out positive energy you'll get positive energy in return so I stopped my run and walked over to said falllen cyclist who'd picked her self up and was picking her bike back up.she didn't appear to be injured maybe just bruised pride and ego but I picked up her six pack of beer that had fallen off the back of her bike and put it back in it's container"hey you didn't brake any or spill any" I offered as  moment of light relife as she composed herself and got back on her bike.
She thanked me and the two motorists behind her on the road who'd had the decency to stop and get out of their car to check she was ok{obviously also fans of good energy!} and we all went on our merry way.

Sometimes it feels good to do a selfless act for someone........I'm sure the universe duly noted mine and will make a note of it,you never know when the "trolley tracks" of life will throw you for a loop,just hope some good samaritan will stop and help you and not scoop up your beer and run off...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not Quite Winner Winner Chicken Dinner......But Close Enough!

As has become my won't over the past several seasons,the "Fall Classic" ie 5th Avenue Mile is the curtain call on my season,sure I'll do a few xc races and shock horror maybe a road race between October and December{said road race IS in Central Park afterall!!!} but this was it for my "competitive" season........let's try and go out w/ a bang yeah?!!!

I love 5th Avenue Mile,it's probably my favourite race of the season,having finished runner up behind my good friend Gerry O Hara but ahead of my other good friend Conor O Driscoll last year....{I know the odds of finding three Paddies in New York City are remote.....and even more remote when we're running and not propping up a bar in Manhatten!!!} I was eager to claim "bragging rights" this year.
Even though they've pushed up the date of the race from late Sept to mid Sept and have been known to rotate between Saturdays or Sundays one constant is the weather,always mild mostly sunny great racing weather and good spectating weather,trust me hammering down 5th Avenue w/ a few hundred New Yorkers yelling encouragement is always a boost to your performance,and I should know this was my  8th 5th Avenue Mile in 10 years.

Arriving in Midtown just after 9am I took a slow walk up 5th Avenue from 34th St stopping only for a Venti Earl Grey tea at Starbucks and a quick sign of the cross in front of St Patricks cathederal.....Tea and God two things no self respecting Irishman can function w/out!!!!!
I arrived at the start line w/ enough time to pick up my race number and collect my race tshirt a rather fetching Blue number which will match my eyes......or so I'm told! and drop off my bag at baggage hold,time for a stretch and warm up and then into the cattle pen......!!!!

It fries my arse that each other age group gets to run men and women seperately but for whatever dumb reason 50-59 gets lumped together,a joke in of it's self but coupled w/ the  sheer numbers of partisipants in the 50-59 age group would it not make more sence to run us the same as everyone else? what are  we talking here an extra 10 mins????? I know some women who refuse to run 5th Avenue Mile as they don't care for being "manhandled" at the start,do I think it will ever change? probably not,would I like someone at NYRRC to take heed of not just my concern but the collective concern of the 50-59 age group......Hells Kitchin Yeah!!!

Unable to get closer to the start as I would prefer and have done in the past I settled for where I was maybe 5/6 rows back,w/ hindsight  an error on my part  and clearly something I would kick myself for once the gun went off.
Getting a clear run on the right hand side of 5th Avenue after the initial "fustercluck" of a start I began to make my way down the iconic stretch of road in Upper Manhatten off to my left and some considerable way infront of me the lead pack including Gerry,Connor and Peter Kashulines and Gladstone Jones were well clear of me.....
76 seconds at 400m I was hoping for 70 at least,maybe eyed eyed optimisim on my part but the "herd mentallity" at the starting line hadn't helped any.
Reasonably sure I saw 2.32 at 800m back to back 1.16 splits,if I had any designs on getting upto the leaders I would have to "let the clutch out" on the third quarter/lap to make up ground.

Don't recall my my 1,200m split but I was making ground on the inside, a few runners were beginning to peel off the lead pack as Gerry & Conner continued to hammer away a decent pace w/ Peter trying to stay in touch......
Between friends and team mates yelling encouragement from the sidewalk plus drawing "come on USA" cheers from strangers who appreciated my Stars and Stripes bandanna and Team USA Red and Blue speed suit I began to claw back the real estate I'd lost b4 the gun went off but w/ the finishline looming I was gonna run out of said real estate...........

Gerry pulled out the win in 4.46 followed by Conor in 4.47 and Peter in 4.48,remarkably I clocked a 4.48 but was a few meters behind Peter so clearly they were going by chip time,I could be "cute" and say I tied for 3rd but I crossed the line 4th and that's how I'm writing it up.
Remarkably the same top 4 as last year but in a different order last year: Gerry,Me,Conor,Peter, this year: Gerry,Conor,Peter,Me......next year? well we'll have to wait and see how that pans out won't we.
I could kick myself for not getting a better start and while I'm not happy w/ that long b4 I returned home to Philly I'd made peace w/ it,my post race dinner of Pizza and Ice Cream tasted pretty darn good to me....but that had EVERYTHING to do w/ who I had dinner w/.............

Sunday, September 6, 2015

If It's Good Enough For Mo Farah...........

During the mens 10,000m final in Beijing two weeks ago I heard Craig Masback mention that one of Mo Farah's workouts is: mile,1,200m,1,000m,800m,600m,400m,given my claim to being a "pale Mo Farah" I figured why not have a go at that myself?                                                                                                        Working in a 10 lap warm up/cool down the workout came out to 6 miles......ldeal for the "long Saturday repeat" and w/ one final repeat on tap b4 5th Avenue Mile and my 6 week "off season" 5 day/55mpw I opted to make yesterday my maiden voyage at the "MF Repeat"                                                                                                                                                    
Arriving at a near deserted Lower Merion high school track just b4 1pm I braced myself for what was either going to be a fun experience or a classic"really I signed up for this?"
5 lap warm up conducted in an already warm sunny lunchtime I braced myself for the "unknown"
First workouts are always a bit of a "crap shoot" when you don't have a  target time to aim at but I opted for the following times and hoped for the best:

Solid start but lap three underlined why I abandoned the traditional mile repeats earlier in the year,that said a nice kick off to proceedings

SO close to my target time,a second off that second lap and I could've had it.......

Check out Mr Consistancy,a third 1.20 opening 400m to set myself up nicely,three down,three to go!

Yeah so close "only' counts in Horseshoes but c'mon,the track wasn't the only thing that felt like it was on fire!!

Bucking the 1.20 opening 400m trend when I needed too I took a sizable chunk of change out of my target time

Hey not too shaddy,I'll take a closing lap of 73 seconds in a 1,500m/mile anyday!!!!

All in all not a bad lunchtimes work,if I say so myself,I look forward to October 31st the next Saturday I step on a track for repeats,this will be my "go to" Saturday long repeat,it'll be fun trying{and hopefully} lowering my times.....and who knows maybe tweaking the three min recoveries......one step at a time "Pale Mo" one step at a time.......

Friday, September 4, 2015

Eight Is Enough Parts I & II

After back to back 9 milers Monday & Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday saw back to back 8 milers or as I lovingly refered to it "less miles,same godamn heat!!"
Seriously 92 degrees in friggin' September?!!!!

I shouldn't grumble too much,by months end we could be down to the low 80s and so on and so forth come November when 50 degrees is a high I'll yearn for hot Summer days I'm sure.
That said I shead a ton of sweat again on these two runs,so much so my post run Smoothie of 32 oz that I normally only drink half of on a regular day was now getting cained to fuck!

I won't lie my legs have felt a little shot this week,maybe the heat,maybe the fact I'm a week away from ending my season or maybe a combination of both,either way next week is another "week nine" ergo a week off for yours truly one of the reasons I've pushed the mileage envelope a tad early this week{seriously why else run 9 miles the day after the Track Pentathlon?} was so that come Saturdays repeat session{ a rather ambitious one I hasten to add.....you'll have to check in afterwards to see what it was!} I can have a whole seven days rest b4 tackling 5th Avenue Mile.

34 miles down,6 to go......

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dig Lazarus Dig!!

It was interesting reading Facebook yesterday in the aftermath of the Track Pentathlon that both Mark Williams and Peter Brady compained of sore calves.......SO it wasn't just me!
Of course me being me I went 9 miles while both Mark & Peter opted for shorter distance,to whit Mark commented "9 miles is rather ambitious"......my reply was "5 events off 2 hours sleep was ambitious"!!!

Tuesday was more of the same another 9 miler,more 90 degree plus heat {92 degrees as trusty Peco Tower was lit up this afternoon/evening}.
I patched up my right achilles to make sure the nickle size blister from Monday wasn't an issue....thankfully it wasn't!

Maybe it was the heat,maybe it was the lack of sleep Saturday nite,maybe it was the effect of this being the second to last week of my competitive season{I will race 3 xc races in Oct/Nov plus a road race in Dec but more to keep my focus on training} or maybe it was all the emotion of recent weeks catching up w/ me OR a combination of all four but last nites 9 miler was a grind......

Thankfully I had enough in the tanks to see it through,it wasn't pretty but at a time when Brad Gilbert is calling some of the US Open tennis I'm reminded of his book "Winning Ugly"......last nite was ugly but I got it done,18 down 22 to go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Ginger Spice Than Sporty Spice!

I'm sure I could've been forgiven had I not ran yesterday  but the masocist in me demanded my partisipation in an easy and I do mean EASY 9 miler.
File it under "Method to my {considerable}madness but by going:9 9 8 8 Monday thro Thursday I can providing I take care of business on Saturday on the track notch  my 40mpw and have Sunday off.......see method/madness.....

Conditions were hot and sweaty by the time I set off just after 4.35pm,Peco Tower still isn't displaying time and temprature so I don't have an official temprature reading but it was judging by the sweat rolling off my running gear come the finish 90 degrees.
Having already set my stall out to go 9 there was no "wiggle room" to cut it back,besides being the 31st of the month these were my final miles of the month,9 took me to 105 for the month,882 for the year, still on pace for  my 1,500m target for years end.

Having broken in my new running shoes for my warm up/cool down plus inbetween events jogs yesterday today was the "official" maiden voyage in them.....and early on I was cognisent the right heal was rubbing me "the wrong way" sure as shit upon finishing the run and removing said shoe I discovered a nickle size blister on my heal.....hey ho,I'll patch it over b4 tonites run.

One final foot note having posted my times from Sundays Track Pentathlon yesterday in my blog i looked up "the oracle" aka my running log book for my 2014 times,as you can see I was slower in the distance events, my socalled stronger events but quicker in the sprints......maybe 9 days of watching Usain Bolt in Beijing at Worlds rubbed off on me!

2014 times            2015 times
3,000m 9.33.3      3,000m 10.12.8
200m 28.88          200m 28.66

1,500m 4.30.6       1,500m 4.42.6

100m 15.54           100m 14.25

800m 2.12.8           2.20.6