Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ten Ten Till We Do It Again John!

W/ the dust settling on 5th Avenue Mile and my 2015 season it was time not to smell the roses or bask in the afterglow but press forward w/ the off season.
There'll be time a plenty to review the 2015 season when the time is right for now I need to lay the ground work for 2016 and that requires a six week "off season" program which began Monday.

The plan is to go: 10,10,9,12,14 for a 55 mile week between now and October 25th b4 dropping back down to the more traditional 8,4,8,6,14 40 mile week w/ two visits to the track per week.
I already know I will have to "tweek" a couple of those weeks,w/ the Papel visit next weekend I may be better served getting my miles in Monday thro Friday as I have no idea what things will be like next weekend out and back along/around the Art Museum Loop and then the week of Oct 12th I have a 5k xc race up in Saratoga so that will require another "tweek" if I'm to have "my cake and  eat it" ie get my 55mpw in and race.......but all in good time.

Monday and Tuesday saw back to back 10 milers to get the ball rolling,having slowly rebuilt my mileage after my taper for Worlds I was no stranger to the 10 miler and frankly Monday was as easy as could be,I love running this time of, it's way cooler than July and August and the air quality makes life easier unlike say two weeks ago when my 8 milers were in 92 degree days.
The only "issue" I had Monday was an age old one..... some wannabe Lance Armstrong type getting WAY to close to me for my liking,listen fucker unless your buying me dinner,sleeping w/ me and/or my girlfriend I DON'T want you {or anyone for that matter} THAT close to me!
Have the goddamn decency to say"on your right/on your left" as you prepare to blow by me,you want to be a Lance Armstrong clone I can help you lose a testicle.....or both it's all the same to me!!!

Tuesday saw both sides of my persona all w/ in a two block radius albeit 8 miles apart.......let me explain!
On the outbound 5 miles just b4 the opening mile I had to cross 40th and Baltimore,ever aware of my surroundings I looked up to see I had the green light so I continued my forward motion.............
"Jobsworth" decides EVEN though he's got the red light he's gonna "cheat" the light since there's no oncoming traffic from his lefthand side and proceeds to pull out.....just as yours truly is running infront of him!!!!!!!!!
Ok so you raised your hand in the universal " opps my bad" gesture but that's not good enough pal,I know I'm cute but I have zero desire to be a "hood ornament" and muchless on that piece of shit you're driving!!!! And had no problem yelling "you might want to try stopping next time you coconut"!!! think about it you'll get.........

Eight mile later and now inside the final mile heading back down Baltimore Ave I saw a cyclist wipe out on the corner of 42nd and Baltimore,my guess would be her tire got caught in the #34 trolley tracks which happened to me eons ago,I could've kept running and thought "sucks to be you" but didn't.
Recently I've become a big fan of "positive energy" and if you put out positive energy you'll get positive energy in return so I stopped my run and walked over to said falllen cyclist who'd picked her self up and was picking her bike back up.she didn't appear to be injured maybe just bruised pride and ego but I picked up her six pack of beer that had fallen off the back of her bike and put it back in it's container"hey you didn't brake any or spill any" I offered as  moment of light relife as she composed herself and got back on her bike.
She thanked me and the two motorists behind her on the road who'd had the decency to stop and get out of their car to check she was ok{obviously also fans of good energy!} and we all went on our merry way.

Sometimes it feels good to do a selfless act for someone........I'm sure the universe duly noted mine and will make a note of it,you never know when the "trolley tracks" of life will throw you for a loop,just hope some good samaritan will stop and help you and not scoop up your beer and run off...

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