Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Ginger Spice Than Sporty Spice!

I'm sure I could've been forgiven had I not ran yesterday  but the masocist in me demanded my partisipation in an easy and I do mean EASY 9 miler.
File it under "Method to my {considerable}madness but by going:9 9 8 8 Monday thro Thursday I can providing I take care of business on Saturday on the track notch  my 40mpw and have Sunday off.......see method/madness.....

Conditions were hot and sweaty by the time I set off just after 4.35pm,Peco Tower still isn't displaying time and temprature so I don't have an official temprature reading but it was judging by the sweat rolling off my running gear come the finish 90 degrees.
Having already set my stall out to go 9 there was no "wiggle room" to cut it back,besides being the 31st of the month these were my final miles of the month,9 took me to 105 for the month,882 for the year, still on pace for  my 1,500m target for years end.

Having broken in my new running shoes for my warm up/cool down plus inbetween events jogs yesterday today was the "official" maiden voyage in them.....and early on I was cognisent the right heal was rubbing me "the wrong way" sure as shit upon finishing the run and removing said shoe I discovered a nickle size blister on my heal.....hey ho,I'll patch it over b4 tonites run.

One final foot note having posted my times from Sundays Track Pentathlon yesterday in my blog i looked up "the oracle" aka my running log book for my 2014 times,as you can see I was slower in the distance events, my socalled stronger events but quicker in the sprints......maybe 9 days of watching Usain Bolt in Beijing at Worlds rubbed off on me!

2014 times            2015 times
3,000m 9.33.3      3,000m 10.12.8
200m 28.88          200m 28.66

1,500m 4.30.6       1,500m 4.42.6

100m 15.54           100m 14.25

800m 2.12.8           2.20.6

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