Sunday, September 6, 2015

If It's Good Enough For Mo Farah...........

During the mens 10,000m final in Beijing two weeks ago I heard Craig Masback mention that one of Mo Farah's workouts is: mile,1,200m,1,000m,800m,600m,400m,given my claim to being a "pale Mo Farah" I figured why not have a go at that myself?                                                                                                        Working in a 10 lap warm up/cool down the workout came out to 6 miles......ldeal for the "long Saturday repeat" and w/ one final repeat on tap b4 5th Avenue Mile and my 6 week "off season" 5 day/55mpw I opted to make yesterday my maiden voyage at the "MF Repeat"                                                                                                                                                    
Arriving at a near deserted Lower Merion high school track just b4 1pm I braced myself for what was either going to be a fun experience or a classic"really I signed up for this?"
5 lap warm up conducted in an already warm sunny lunchtime I braced myself for the "unknown"
First workouts are always a bit of a "crap shoot" when you don't have a  target time to aim at but I opted for the following times and hoped for the best:

Solid start but lap three underlined why I abandoned the traditional mile repeats earlier in the year,that said a nice kick off to proceedings

SO close to my target time,a second off that second lap and I could've had it.......

Check out Mr Consistancy,a third 1.20 opening 400m to set myself up nicely,three down,three to go!

Yeah so close "only' counts in Horseshoes but c'mon,the track wasn't the only thing that felt like it was on fire!!

Bucking the 1.20 opening 400m trend when I needed too I took a sizable chunk of change out of my target time

Hey not too shaddy,I'll take a closing lap of 73 seconds in a 1,500m/mile anyday!!!!

All in all not a bad lunchtimes work,if I say so myself,I look forward to October 31st the next Saturday I step on a track for repeats,this will be my "go to" Saturday long repeat,it'll be fun trying{and hopefully} lowering my times.....and who knows maybe tweaking the three min step at a time "Pale Mo" one step at a time.......

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