Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dig Lazarus Dig!!

It was interesting reading Facebook yesterday in the aftermath of the Track Pentathlon that both Mark Williams and Peter Brady compained of sore calves.......SO it wasn't just me!
Of course me being me I went 9 miles while both Mark & Peter opted for shorter distance,to whit Mark commented "9 miles is rather ambitious" reply was "5 events off 2 hours sleep was ambitious"!!!

Tuesday was more of the same another 9 miler,more 90 degree plus heat {92 degrees as trusty Peco Tower was lit up this afternoon/evening}.
I patched up my right achilles to make sure the nickle size blister from Monday wasn't an issue....thankfully it wasn't!

Maybe it was the heat,maybe it was the lack of sleep Saturday nite,maybe it was the effect of this being the second to last week of my competitive season{I will race 3 xc races in Oct/Nov plus a road race in Dec but more to keep my focus on training} or maybe it was all the emotion of recent weeks catching up w/ me OR a combination of all four but last nites 9 miler was a grind......

Thankfully I had enough in the tanks to see it through,it wasn't pretty but at a time when Brad Gilbert is calling some of the US Open tennis I'm reminded of his book "Winning Ugly"......last nite was ugly but I got it done,18 down 22 to go!

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