Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bakers Dozen

No time to rest on my laurals or rest my weary legs,back at it on Monday.
Were this an "regular" week I could have thrown in either a 9 or 10 miler....however!!!!!!!!!
W/ the Pope coming to Philly this weekend "shit is about to get twisted like a Pretzel" so since I don't want to get "banajaxed" on the weekend and be told I can't acccess the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr/W.River Dr I figured I'd get my 55 miles in Monday thro Friday.....

It's a tall order but not one that can't be negotiated so the plan for the week is:13 6 13 13 10 which even w/ my piss poor math skills comes out to 55 miles.
So off the back of my 12 and 14 milers Saturday and Sunday it was into a 13 miler Monday evening......just what the Saidist....I mean Doctor ordered!!!!

W/ Fall two days away I got my first glimpse of the changing season the nite b4 as I shut my living room windows and hastily digging out a blanket for the nite,it was a tad brisk at 5.20am when I left for the work and by 4.50pm when it was time to run the skies were grey and overcast so much so that I opted for short sleeves for the first time in a while, but I've known "that cheque was in the mail" for a while now....
It's amazing how a little overcast weather keeps the "fair weather runners" away there were only "the few,the brave,the fully committed" out on Kelly Dr last nite,fine by me,less Pratt's on Noddy bikes to piss me off! but frankly tonite I was very much a man alone w/ his thoughts as I made my upto Falls bridge and the 6.5 mile mark.

It's an odd distance 13 miles.....unless you ran half marathons I guess!!! but I figured three 13 milers on week nites wasn't a bad way to go this week and having had to dig deep both mentally and physically over the closing 2 miles of my 12 miler Saturday and then again over the closing 3 miles on Sundays 14 miler it was nice last nite not to have to "go there" again over 13 miles.
I'm not saying I've got 13 miles down pat....not w/ back to back Bakers Dozens on tap Wed & Thur but for last nite I was on top of it, a sign I hope my body is coming to terms w/ the extra milage I'm putting on ye olde legs.

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