Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend Warrior Part One

Funny to not be on a track doing repeats on a Saturday but such is the nature of my off season,absence makes the heart grow fonder and hopefully the legs quicker when I return on October 28th and November 1st.
12 miler on tap this morning,need to check when my last dozen was ditto for tomorrows scheduled 14 mile Sunday Long Run but I was confident in my ablility to take care care of business today and that in turn should parlay it's way into a successful 14 miler tomorrow.

Out the door just gone 11.10am,the sun was out,the shades were on and frankly yours truly didn't have a care in the world as he made his way down to the trusty Schuylkill Footpath/Banks and Kelly Dr.
Numerous folks out getting their run on,it's fall Marathon season plus come October you can't turn round w/out a local 5k on both Saturday and Sunday which I say as an observation not a diss.
As has been my won't all week no watch,these runs are all about the miles,come late October there'll be enough time to be "goverened by the clock/stop watch"

Reached the turnaround or mile 3 from Lloyd Hall where each 1/4 mile is marked off and felt ok,had worked up a decent sweat and was confident the inbound six miles held no worries for me.
As is my won't I broke the inbound leg down mile by mile,mile 7 is where I turn on a 10 miler and I've cranked out two this week,mile 8 where I'd turn on my 8 milers,Lloyd Hall 3 miles to go,just a matter of getting down the Schuylkill Banks to the footpath to 2 miles to go,up the off ramp and over the South St bridge,1.5 miles to go,39th & Balltimore 1 mile to go....if need be brake it down one block at a time but this was getting done period......and then the shit hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just b4 the end of the Banks b4 Walnut St bridge I came up alongside two walkers walking side by side,ok it's a narrow footpath but there was room to work w/.........NOT according to the PRATT on her Noddy bike coming up behind us!!!!
I heard her first "on your left" b4 I swung by the walkers and duly  moved back to the edge of the path as I tend to do on my runs......"on your left" barks Pratt as she pulls alongside which I indicated I was already all the way over to the edge of the path.....
"On your left!!!!" she barks at me again.....REALLY????? I now jesture a w/ my hands the size of the space I'm occupying,seriously if I turned sideways I'd dissapear
"Yeah cos I take up SO MUCH SPACE" I tell Pratt.......
"Yes you do!!" is her epic not only are you a Pratt but you're also fuckin stupid!!!
"Go fuck yourself!!!!" was my responce.....not very original but hey!
Pratt proceeds to mutter something as she pedles away.....and then for the clincher she now slows thrusts out her left arm to indicate she stopping at the waterfountain.....really that for my benefit cos you want to show you are responsible cyclist?????
I proceed to pull alongside and thrust out my left hand w/  middle finger standing to FULL  attention
"here's a hand single for you!!!" I offer as my parting gift........

I guess the Pagan running  gods were happy to offer me a "sacrifice" cos if my legs had been dragging and my knee lift/leg turnover was low this incident offered me  some much needed fire as I proceeded to pick up the pace over the closing two miles.
Bitch! you wanna dance w/ the devil you're getting both horns.....and now you know why I rock the bandanna on my runs...NOT to keep the sweat out of my eyes but to keep the Devil Horns hidden!!!!!

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