Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend Warrior Part Two

Having survived yesterdays 12 miler.......not to mention the Pratt on her Noddy bike it was back to the loop today for a 14 miler.
I haven't "gone long" on a Sunday since early June so there was a feeling of trepidation today......bit like a long tailed cat in a rocking chair showroom......but you'll be glad to know this "Tabby" negotiated the Art Museam Loop like a boss....or Top Cat!!!!

A slightly later start than normal but today was a "Hands Across The Ocean" day,checking the Spurs result.....1.0 over Palace which means my sister,brother in law,nephew and niece aren't speaking to me now.....oh well
Then Dublin beat Kerry in the All Ireland Football final in Dublin......which means my mother and cousin aren't speaking to me either.........oh to be popular eh????
At least my brother who's a fully paid up member of the "Yid Army" spoke to me as we had a long rap session on the "dog and bone" upshot 12.20pm b4 I headed out the door.

Conditions started out overcast,so much so that I ditched my sleeveless shirt for my Captain America dri fit short sleeve but the "currant bun" eventually made an appearence b4 I finished.
As has been my won't all week no watch on the run,it's "miles not minutes" during the off season so I have no idea of my time/pace......but all that mattered was getting back to the finish under my own steam.
Crossing Falls Bridge at 7 miles always gives me hope to see it through,rather than think of 7 more miles I brake it down to a mile at a time and even though at the start of Boathouse Row w/ 3 and 1/4 miles to go my "demons" began to chunter"you aint got it,no knee lift,no leg turnover arms like cooked Linguine......your toast boy......conceed defeat".........."Bollocks Fuck Off!!!"
I'm a stuborn prick{NO!!!!!!????} and refused to yeild,yeah my pace was shot but I wasn't walking the final three miles.
Dug deep mentally and physically,it wasn't pretty and "God May Not Like Ugly" but he also hates a quitter,the uphill off ramp to South St bridge almost did me in w/ just under two miles to go and then hitting three red lights in a row killed what little rhythm I had but once I hit 39th & Baltumore and a mile to go I knew the chilled water and Fruit Smoothie in the fridge were calling me home.....

Knackered but 14 miles,55 for the week,"how'd you like me now????!!!" week one of the off season in the to do it all again next week!!!!


Scott Brown said...

Nice wrap up and an interesting read. ;) Having a bit of trouble finishing off my long runs of late so I could definitely relate!

kevin f forde said...

Cheers Scott,are you fully recovered from Boston yet? maybe that's why your long runs are tough?