Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trust Me.....I Know How You Feel Puss!

I said when I returned to work on Aug 12th after a well earnt week and a half off that it was probably only a matter of time b4 I got pissed only took a month!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Props to Andy Murray for winning his first grand slam title at the US Open last nite,it'd been a long time coming for the Scot but like his coach Ivan Lendel b4 him he had to lose 4 finals b4 finally gaining that elusive first one,you can add Andy Murrays name to an ever growing list of potential winners of the year ending BBC Sports Personality Of The Year w/ his performances at Wimbledon,The Olympics and now the US Open.

For my part Monday was an easy out and back 6 miler to Lloyd Hall and back w/ only another 12 days of summer officially left on the callender I'm trying to enjoy the sun and the running three S's shades,shorts,sleeveless while I still can pretty soon it'll be time to dig out the short sleeves,ditch the shades and maybe bust out the 3/4 length bottoms b4 conceeding defeat to "Old Man Winter" and having to throw on warm ups and running tights and my blood chills at the very mention of ski hat and gloves.......

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sealed W/ A Glasgow Kiss

A double header....pun very much intended!!!
First up,Shock!Horror!!Probe!!!"Forde In Track Repeat Sensation"....I know I was shocked also!!!!
After a six week hiatus that was as much bad luck,bad weather w/ a little bad athlete thrown in I got my sorry behind over to Temple.....YES I still remember how to get there!!!
Rather than pussyfoot around w/ the new repeat 8x300,200,300 I went for the gusto and all eight,no point dipping ones toe in the shallow end when a full blooded deep end cannonball will surfice......Geronimo!!!

Despite a brief hiatus from all things interval I feel I did rather well period plus keeping all 32 repeats w/in the range I set.
In time ie when I get a few of these under my belt I'd like to shoot for sub 55-35-55 today being my debut I felt that was a tad rich even for my pagan blood,but 60-40-60 was too soft so some middle ground would work and I feel that's what I got.....along w/ another choice blister on one of my toes and a bandana and dri fit shirt drenched in sweat,trust me I earnt my 64 oz Double Gulp Gatorade post work.....oh thank heaven for 7-11 indeed!!!

At a time when my favourite time traveller is back on tv I did a little time travel of my own...w/out ther aid of Tardis....parking it on Spring Garden St would've been a bitch.......
The last time I saw the pride of East Kilbride Glasgow,the battlin' Reid brothers aka The Jesus & Mary Chain was in 1994 on the "Stoned & Dethroned" tour
Five years later they called it a day only to {semi}resolve their differences eight years later and return to touring but trust me the "sibling rivalry" is still simmering just below the surface,I love Oasis and the Black Crowes but neither band does bickering brothers like Jim and William Reid!!!
I was somewhat surprised post show that some people complained about the feedback and distortion.....hello this is the Jesus And Mary Chain who began their career playing 20 minute sets of nothing but feedback and distortion b4 storming off stage,at least we now get a 75 minute 17 song set list.

The music landscape has shifted somewhat since Jesus & Mary Chain first showed up almost 30 years ago,but the sold out crowd at Union Transfer on Saturday nite proved Jim and William Reid sre still relevant and in the day and age of boy bands and "bubble gum pop" music there's still a clamouring for guitar based angst fueled Scottish in your face rock and roll

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Somewhere I Belong

8x300,200,300 repeats @ Temple

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Road To Rio Starts Here

Seems hard to believe it was just over two years ago we crowned Spain World Cup champions in South Africa and now here we are getting ready for another World Cup quallifying tournament to see who makes it to Brazil in the summer of 2014.
That means digging out the atlas and working out where the likes of Moldova and Kazikstan are located and how the hell do you fly there!!!

While all that was going on I did something I don't normally do and ran on a Friday,having pissed away much of the early part of the week it seemed stupid to cite Friday as a rest day so post chores{Jesus And Mary Chain ticket for tomorrow....PSYCHED!!!}and food shopping I was out an hour later than normal to get my out and back six miler in.

Let me tell ya,it felt like Rio out there!88 degrees at 5.15pm as I worked up one hell of a sweat albeit on an easy run but it felt good to be out running again and also knowing post run it was an easy nite,shower,shave and a big bowl of Chiii and the final Diamond League meet of the season in Brussels....there's much to be said for the "quiet life" and finding pleasure in the simple things in life.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting My Arse In Gear

I have no excuse for not running on Wednesday other than being lazy and having gotten into bad habits over the past few days,my ex coach used to talk about it being "better to being a little under trained than over trained" going into a race but w/ 5th Avenue Mile just over two weeks away I'm crossing that fine line from being under trained to be plain lazy,I should've ran Wednesday but got cozy w/ the recliner and the US Open on tv and w/ it another training run shot to shit.....if ever I needed a foot up the arse I was about to get it in the form of the Paralympics.

First off I have to say I'm peeved that the Paralympics get next to no tv coverage,I realize there are no "household names" in the Paralympics but these athletes go above and beyond the call of duty to perform and sitting in my recliner watching some of the brief tv coverage{thank you NBC Sports Network and Universal Sports}I got the equivilant of a 2 by 4 between the eyeballs watching them compete in London,here they are missing,etc and I piss and moan about not running in the rain......HELLO REALITY CHECK!!!!!

Surfice to say come Thursday evening,a week since my last run I got my arse in gear got into my running clothes and out the door for an easy out and back six miler.
It felt good to do what I'm supposed to do and maybe a dose of reality was what I needed to shake me up,having pissed away the past week it would seem churlish to envoke my 'day off' mantra tomorrow so it'll be a rare Friday run for yours truly in the hopes of springboarding me to the track on Saturday,something that hasn't happened since Nationals a month ago.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thieves,Blagards And Scroundrels

Apologies for not setting the blogasphere alight sofar this month.....seems someone told the weather gods September is the new April!!!!
I probably could've gotten in a run on Tuesday I might've gotten caught in the final mile w/ a downpour but better the final mile of a six miler than the opening mile,but given I was "housebound" all weekend the siren call of the laundromat was calling on Tuesday,personally I feel clean clothes are underrated and while no slave to fashion{have you seen my wardrobe??!!} "Hobo Chic" is NOT the fall look I'm trying to capture so "fluff and fold" won out over a run Tuesday!!!

One plus of being stuck indoors all weekend was a chance to put my feet up and watch tv and catch up w/ my dvr,the new fall season is about to kick off so said dvr will be working overtime.
Once again the chaps at BBC America have produced another fine televisual feast this time in the guise of "Copper"
Set in Five Points New York City in 1864 just after the Civil War the show centers around one of "New York's finest" Kevin Cocoran as he tries to uphold the law and also try to unravel the mystery of who murdered his daughter and where his missing wife is,the plot thickens w/ each episode and w/out wishing to give too much away you'll love the outcome of episode two when "Corky" dishes out his own unique brand of justice......