Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting My Arse In Gear

I have no excuse for not running on Wednesday other than being lazy and having gotten into bad habits over the past few days,my ex coach used to talk about it being "better to being a little under trained than over trained" going into a race but w/ 5th Avenue Mile just over two weeks away I'm crossing that fine line from being under trained to be plain lazy,I should've ran Wednesday but got cozy w/ the recliner and the US Open on tv and w/ it another training run shot to shit.....if ever I needed a foot up the arse I was about to get it in the form of the Paralympics.

First off I have to say I'm peeved that the Paralympics get next to no tv coverage,I realize there are no "household names" in the Paralympics but these athletes go above and beyond the call of duty to perform and sitting in my recliner watching some of the brief tv coverage{thank you NBC Sports Network and Universal Sports}I got the equivilant of a 2 by 4 between the eyeballs watching them compete in London,here they are missing,etc and I piss and moan about not running in the rain......HELLO REALITY CHECK!!!!!

Surfice to say come Thursday evening,a week since my last run I got my arse in gear got into my running clothes and out the door for an easy out and back six miler.
It felt good to do what I'm supposed to do and maybe a dose of reality was what I needed to shake me up,having pissed away the past week it would seem churlish to envoke my 'day off' mantra tomorrow so it'll be a rare Friday run for yours truly in the hopes of springboarding me to the track on Saturday,something that hasn't happened since Nationals a month ago.

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