Friday, September 7, 2012

The Road To Rio Starts Here

Seems hard to believe it was just over two years ago we crowned Spain World Cup champions in South Africa and now here we are getting ready for another World Cup quallifying tournament to see who makes it to Brazil in the summer of 2014.
That means digging out the atlas and working out where the likes of Moldova and Kazikstan are located and how the hell do you fly there!!!

While all that was going on I did something I don't normally do and ran on a Friday,having pissed away much of the early part of the week it seemed stupid to cite Friday as a rest day so post chores{Jesus And Mary Chain ticket for tomorrow....PSYCHED!!!}and food shopping I was out an hour later than normal to get my out and back six miler in.

Let me tell ya,it felt like Rio out there!88 degrees at 5.15pm as I worked up one hell of a sweat albeit on an easy run but it felt good to be out running again and also knowing post run it was an easy nite,shower,shave and a big bowl of Chiii and the final Diamond League meet of the season in Brussels....there's much to be said for the "quiet life" and finding pleasure in the simple things in life.

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