Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Of The Same.....More Or Less

Been a while since I logged a Sunday run,been a while since I logged a six day week also but evidently there's a "new day dawning" for yours truly.
Out the door by 11.30am conditions were almost identical to yesterdays ergo why my running attire was the same....could have ditched the Dublin knit hat in favour of my Spurs baseball cap but I don't want to risk getting sick 5 weeks out from Indoor Nationals.....if it aint broke don't fix it....or so they say!

Remember yesterday I said the section of Kelly Drive just after Columbia bridge has yet to be ploughed/shoveled???? almost became my undoing today,for  a split second I allowed my mind to wander and the next thing I knew my left foot was  going out from under me......thankfully my cat like reflexes allowed me to stay upright,mercifully w/ only 8-6-6 milers on tap Monday thro Wednesday I have to hope the continuing warming temps will help melt that shit b4 I'm back up to 13 milers next Friday and Saturday.

Maybe it was the events of the last week catching up w/ me today but I felt sluggish out there,it surely isn't helping any that I haven't been eating properly since Wednesday.....this too shall pass I know but trying to run 13 milers when you have the appetite of a fecking Sparrow isn't great.

So I'm three weeks into my "Phase 2" phase for Indoor Nationals,final 50 mpw on tap,final pre Nationals race the 800m on tap for Thursday along w/ the deadline for entries and then the taper.
It'll be interesting to see who shows up in Albuquerque on March 4th 5th and 6th,I just have to make sure I'm ready to face whoever I have to in the 1,500m and 800m.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Move On Up

I won't divulge why I didn't run yesterday I will say there were bigger issues on my plate to handle,now that they have been I can say I was now in a position to "handle my business" today and tomorrow and have my 45mpw......

Thanks to a 7.45am kick off for my beloved Spurs I was in a position to get out and run early this morning and after a recon mission to the nearby Shop N Bag to get "madam" her Cat Nip flavoured Cat treats{feckin spoilt rotten that cat!!! no wonder I call her Precious Reiley cos she lives the feckin Life Of Reiley!!!} I was changed,stretched and out the door by 10.40am
That 5 mile group run last Sunday morning in Ithaca was beginning to look and feel more prudent now,after back to back to back 5 milers and then a warm up,race,cool down of 4 miles on Thursday I was at 19 miles........don't take a "mathlete" to figure 19 +26=45 the only issue was either 12/14 or 13/13..........
I opted for 13/13 as it's a back to back I've done a few times.

Not sure of the "official" temps between 10.40 am - 12.35pm but I'd guess mid to high 30's,low 40s mild enough to cast aside the "Nanook Of The North" look, Dublin knit hat,gloves,Spurs half zip short sleeve Spurs training shirt,running tights,three quarter length Spurs bottoms,socks,thankfully mild enough for only one pair of gloves and socks today.
The "currant bun" was out so shades it was,a week removed from last weeks blizzard there is still some residual snow and ice around and the sun glare off it could be blinding so shades it was.

Mercifully the Schuylkill Banks were up and fully operational today after a few days of being closed off at Walnut St,I was however prepared to"go around the houses" if need be low mileage was ok Monday thro Wednesday but I had to log 13 today.
To that end it was a bit of a "shock to the system" after four 5 milers to suddenly wack my mileage back up to double digit figures but in fairness I'm only 10 days removed from my last 12 miler and 9 days removed from a 10 miler.

There is something about a longer run,given I was out there for a good hour and fifty five mins it allowed me ample time to think about this,that and the other just himself and his thoughts and a long road underfoot you get time to think about whatever you want/need to w/out too many distractions.
Aside from the section just after Columbia bridge that hasn't been shoveled{ya dirty feckers!!!} it was smooth sailing underfoot,at least on my way back towards Columbia bridge I knew what to expect.
Home by 1.35pm,13 miles down,13 to go tomorrow as Phase 2 of my prep for Indoor Nationals enters into it's fourth and final week next week.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Earning My Corn {Beef} In NYC

Thursday Nite @ The Races 1.9.14 1,000m 2.59.61
Thursday Nite @ The Races 1.28.16 1,000m 2.48.00        

Yeah,so that happened!!!!!!
W/ the dust still settling from last nites epic 11 second demolishion of my previous best over the 1,000m you'll have to forgive me if I'm still in a state of....."feckin' gobsmacked"  mode......
I though maybe running in the region of 2.55 at 35 secs per split was doable what I got was splits of:34.25-33.48-33.59-33.87-32.81 on route to not only a new pr/club record but also my first victory on the track in 17 months{winning the 800m at the 2015 GPTC Track Pentathlon}.

I did goof in the respect of my seed time,I meant to post 2.55 but posted 2.59 that said I would still have ended up in heat #3 last nite.
The omens were good in the lead up low mileage {15 miles} plus a stress free day at work all contributed to my performance.
Seeded #9 in heat three only eight of us "toed the line" w/ myself and two others moved up to the second line at the start in the outer lanes,this may have been to my benefit....
W/ a good reaction to the gun I followed the runner to my right and as we broke at the top of the back straight when the field merged I found myself moving  towards the front of the field and said "feck it".....
34.25 at 200m I was curious to see how this would hold up and proceeded to drop a 33.48 second lap for 67.64 at 400m
I have no idea how close the field was behind me I tend not to look back during races{a habit I didn't stick to at Outdoor Nationals it has to be said...but that is another story!}

1.41.15 at 600m off another 33 second split 33.59 I had "open track" ahead of me and a sense not only was my 17 month winless drought about to end but I was about to "beat the bejaysus" out of my previous best.
2.15.18 at the bell I closed in 32.81 for a 2.47.99 that was rounded up to 2.48.00.....whatever!
Clearly 2.12 next week for the 800m is not unrealistic and while I won't be able to get away w/ 5 mile days Mon Tue Wed{I'm thinking 9 8 8} I hope another "easy work day" will aid and abet that period but given a rather dramatic subplot that has surfaced I could potentially be even more fired up than I was last nite.......

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Going For The One{1,000m}

Another easy 5 miler to keep things ticking along heading into tomorrow nites crack at lowering my 1,000m pr/club record at The Armory in New York City.
It's funny to think that given the  number of 1,000m repeats I've done since they became a staple in my repeats rotation back in 2010{I don't think I did them b4 then} I've only raced the 1,000m once and that was two years ago also at The Armory where I logged a 2.59.61 in my 2014 season debut.
If by default both pr and club record fell my way that nite then so be it but hopefully tomorrow nite I can make both marks more respectable.

I'm hoping to clock 35s per lap to put myself in a position to clock a 2.55,based on my opening three laps Saturday at Cornell where I clocked 35s it's doable but we'll wait and see what tomorrow nite brings.
As for today things were nice and easy and by easy I mean 9 minute mile pace,no need to do anything more so close to my race.
Conditions underfoot were favourable again but once again even though I only planned on running 5 miles there was still caution tape across the Schuylkill Banks at the Walnut St bridge.......this poses an issue for Friday and Saturdays 11 miler but lets get tomorrow nite out of the way first b4 worrying about those runs.

Late Breaking News!!!!!!!!! A Captain Feckin' Obvious sighting!!!!!!!!!!
Just when it looked that the good captain had hung up his cape this bonehead move,4.55pm in the evening,broad daylight I get to the lights at 37th and Spruce and wait a good minute for the lights to turn in my favour....I finally get the light and whoosh!!! here goes this bellend blazing through a red light on his bike, he had to have seen the lights changing........
"It's a feckin' red light wanker!!!!" complete w/ wanker hand gesture from the Good Captain.........
Welcome back Captain,how ye have been missed!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons......

So it turns out yesterdays 5 miler might be a blessing after all.....
The original game plan for  the week was :9-9-9-4-14=45 however that fell by the wayside when I could only get to the 2.5 mile mark yesterday but as it turns out Saturday is "in play" this week which I didn't originally factored in so now I can potentially go:5-5-5-4-13-13 and not only get my 45mpw in but also save my legs for Thursdays 1,000m @ The Armory a win win and  maybe I can modify this schedule next week b4 my final race of "Phase Two as I plan to go for an 800m next Thursday.

After a less than stellar start to my work day....cliff notes: the "powers that be" called everyone in to the Storeroom over the weekend due to the blizzard so instead of a staff of three there was now a full or near to full staff....upshot yesterday instead of a full staff only two people on the schedule and I was off on account of having gone to Ithaca over the weekend so not only was I not available to bring skids down/put them away.....nobody put skids away on top of which they went ahead and ordered more skids on top of the dozen skids from yesterday already sitting idle in the storeroom I then had an additional fiveteen to bring down today....yep twenty seven skids!!!!!
Knocking out twenty three of them was if I say so myself quite a fait a compli and frankly this afternoons 5 mile run felt somewhat cathartic....I may've burnt thro some residual anger after lunch listening to The Pogues "If I Should Fall From Grace W/ God" also.....

As for the run,conditions under foot were more "user friendly" today than yesterday ie I was able to wear regular running shoes not work boots!!
Another plus of it only being a "stretch of the legs five miler" was I was out the door by 4.20pm and back indoors by 5.04pm while it was still daylight which allowed visibility to be better than  what it would've been had I gone for a 9 miler and the closing 3 miles in the dark.

More of the same on the run tomorrow would be nice....but  not w/ the skids at 6.45am please!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Looks Like We're Going Minimalist This Week

I'll spare ye the gory details of my trip home from Ithaca yesterday,I left at 11am and finally arrived home just b4 9pm,not quite "Planes, Trains And Automobiles" to get home more Automobile Train Train Cab.
While I'm indebted to my M50 colleague Mike Mooney for the ride from Ithaca to Metro Park New Jersey I then dropped $10 on a train from Metro Park to Penn Station since going to Trenton seemed pointless w/ no Septa regional rail service from Trenton to 30th St Philadelphia...
From Penn Station I schlepped four blocks to the Megabus departure area at 11th & 34th only to be told all Philly bound buses were 86ed....bollocks!!!
Back thro the slush to Penn Station to drop $94 on an Amtrak train to Philly{thank christ I had the money otherwise I was fecked!!!}
After pulling into 30th St station at 7.40pm I could've been forgiven for thinking I was "home free"........feck off!!!
After waiting over 40 mins on the west bound trolley platform at 30th St for a #34 to take me home I said what's another $15 and went back to 30th St train station and hailed a cab.....and now you can see why I'm in no major hurry to return to Ithaca next year!!!

Greeted w/ 22 inches of snow I could be forgiven for thinking any miles this week were possible but I owed it to myself to get out there at lunchtime and try if running is my therapy to begin w/ I needed a feckin session after this weekend!!!!
Having tacked on an extra 5 miles yesterday thanks to 5 mile group run w/ a bunch of fellow Hartshorne milers I had 55 mpw for last week,and knowing there was a mound of snow waiting for me upon my return I figured now I could potentially go 45 mpw this week....ah "theory and practice" ya cruel whore ye!

The game plan was:9-9-9-4-14 Monday thro Friday which on paper seemed doable and after an early grocery store trek outside to get a "lay of the land" I felt 9 miles was doable........
Switching running shoes for my workboots to combat said snow,ice and slush off I treked just gone 1pm only to get as far as the Locust St bridge along the Schuylkill Banks and be greeted w/ yellow caution tape across the path,my guess was that section of the Banks had yet to be ploughed/shoveled so at 2.5 miles I turned around and slushed my way back home for a 5 miler.

Don't get it twisted now I'm glad I went out and tried to run and who knows maybe by tomorrow afternoon/evening beyond the Locust St bridge may be clear and I can get my 9 miler in.....and if it isn't it'll be another 5 miler in my boots,as we're always told "when your dealing w/ Mother Nature she always gets the last word".

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Always The Bridesmaid,Never The Bride

Just like my debut here at Barton Hall 10 years ago I had to settle for runner up,so my record in 7 races in 10 years reads like so:2nd,3rd,10th,3rd,4th,3rd,2nd..... not too shabby if I say so myself!

The old John Bingham quote"the miracle wasn't I made it to the finish line,the miracle was I made it to the starting line" seldom rang truer than it did this week,what was planned as a weekend getaway for Candice and I  got knocked sideways when the weather forecast began touting for a snow storm{for once their predictions were correct,last check Philly had 17'' of snow and it was still falling} that took a drive to Ithaca out of the equation,the prospect of a 14 hour round trip bus ride also didn't sit well w/ my nearest and dearest and frankly I couldn't blame her.....I didn't relish a 14 round trip bus ride either and I was running!!!!
My burning desire to add the prestigious Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile crown to my resume was the one thing that kept "my head in the game" although that resolve was sorely tested yesterday on the bus ride/rides up........

Figuring that the 9.30am Megabus out of Philly would get me to Midtown Manhattan by 11.45am I'd have 45 mins to walk to the Port Authority bus station at 42nd & 8th Ave and be on the 12.30pm Ithaca bus and arrive in Ithaca by 5.30pm allowing me time to get settled into my room b4 going off for the pre race dinner at Antlers at 7pm.......ah the best laid plan of mice and men.........
Starter for ten the bus shows up late,ok no biggie we were on the road by 9.42am if I got to Midtown by 12pm I'd still make the 15 block walk to the Port Authority in time for the 12.30pm Ithaca bus....................
We're not on the road 10 minutes and just over the Ben Franklin bride when some chav yaks up his breakfast all over the seat..........
So now this bus is obviously out of commission and we have to wait for a new bus to pick us up,I knew I'd missed my connection in Manhattan and sure as shit we pull into 27th and 7th Ave at 12.15pm,I just didn't see the point busting a gut to get to the Port Authority.....I was tempted to turn around and head back to Philly and say feck it.....but "winners don't quit and quitters don't win".....

Sucked it up texted race organizer Tom Hartshorne to tell him I was still coming albeit two hours later than planned,were my burning desire to win this race not so great I may have given up and said to hell w/ it but if this was to be my final crack at Hartshorne then I owed it to myself to get up there no matter what had been thrown at me and throw it right back on the track at 12.15pm this afternoon.......NEVER underestimate the power of a pissed off paddy!!!!

Woke up this morning ready to throw down,showered then a lite breakfast b4 a little music via You Tube in my room b4 getting a ride over to Barton Hall at 11am.
Seeded 3rd behind 2014 champion Alan Wells and newly turned 50 Jim Derrick I knew who my competition was,unlike last year when by my own admission I "bottled it" and played safe to get on the podium w/ a bronze I stuck to my guns,irregardless of what Wells and Derrick did try and hold 36s thro 800m for a 2.24 then see what was left in the tank for the closing 800m......
From the gun Alan Wells was off like the proverbial prom dress behind the rabbit w/ Jim Derrick in hot pursuit, I eased into 4th behind Matt Guild.
35 seconds at 200m I moved by Matt in the hope of at least staying w/in striking distance of Alan and Jim
1.10 at 400m and 1.45 at 600m then down the back straight Alan Wells dropped out w/ a hamstring injury.

I don't recall my 800m,1,000m,1,200m or 1,400m splits all I focused on was the back of Jim's burgundy GVH vest in the hope it would get closer.....I almost got my wish!!!!
At the bell I was a ways behind Jim and w/ hindsight I wish I'd kicked at 200m to go like I did at The Armory last Thursday,instead I waited till down the back straight which w/ hindsight was too late,off the final turn I was closing but running out of track w/ only 50 meters left.....
Jim Derrick winner in 4.46.73 yours truly runner up in 4.47.27.....bridesmaid once again!!!!

Yes I'm pissed I didn't win but the fact I not only shaved 3 seconds off my 4.50.95 from last Thursday at The Armory but also clocked my quickest indoor mile since 2012 tells me I'm doing something right it took me until mid March last year to get to 4.50.64 at Indoor Nationals and here we are in late January and I,m already running 4.47.27.
Two races down,two to go a 1,000m at The Armory this Thursday as I aim to lower my pr and club record of 2.59.61. from 2014 followed by an 800m the following Thursday....and then the taper for Indoor Nationals in Albuquerque begins.
Will I come back to Ithaca and have one last crack at Hartshorne next year for it's 50th anniversary? too early to say right now,the bigger question is will I make it back home to Philly tomorrow w/ all the snow.....

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dream Chaser

If it's the the fourth Friday in January  I must be at the Best Western in Ithaca for the annual Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile.......
For the seventh time in ten years I've made the trek north to the Cornell campus and Barton Hall for a shot at the title Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile champion,here's a review of the past 6 efforts in the last 9 years.

W/ no real mile credentials to speak of{I'd ran 400m and 800m in my 06 Masters debut} I only got in because my team mate and silver medalist at the 06 Nationals in Charlotte Scott Landis got invited and he talked me up to race organizer Tom Hartshorne
Having just lowered the club record and my own pr at  The Armory two weeks prior{sadly I don't have the data at hand to give you my time}Tom offered me a spot and still flying "under the radar" a little I surprised most people including myself w/ a second place 4.29. finish the Kerrygold cheese slice between two worthy adversaries John Hinton and Anselem Lebourne

Unable to compete having suffered a stress fracture on my left foot in December.

An epic tussle up the home straight to steal 3rd at the finish line from Dan Franek in 4.30.1 behind Jim Sorensen and John Hinton a finish worthy of "SportsCenter" "Play Of The Day" trust me!!

Pew! a stinker 10th in 4.48.12. if my 09 finish was the stuff of "highlight reels" this was a "Video Nasty"
I knew I had no right being here that year I was still trying to get my legs back under me off the 09 achilles injury lesson learnt" know when to say no" to the race organizer....

Skipped the fear of Cornell University handing me a  a whopping cleaning bill for having to fumigate Barton Hall after I stank the joint up 12 months prior.......

File this one under "Bizarreo World"
So I actually finished 2nd in 4.39.9 behind Kent Lemme.....however Charlie Kern was awarded the win based on his time in the college meet that follows the Hartshorne it finished up Charlie finished second in that race but his time was faster than Kent's 4.32.7 {4.28.1}Kent won the M40 race but was awarded 2nd and I finished 2nd but was awarded I said bizarre....

Sat out the entire year,blew off the Indoor season due to a lack of motivation,had to sit out the outdoor season due to another feckin achilles injury

If stinkin' up the joint in 2010 sucked my slow agonizing death over the second half of the 2014 race wins no favours either as I faded to 4th in 4.57.1
Out in 2.22,back in 2.35 tells its own sorry story,another vital life/running lesson learned,don't think 30 mpw will cut it cos it feckin' won't!!!

3rd in 4.51.7.
A return to the podium but who knows the outcome had I stuck to my pre race aim of "going for broke" and going w/ the leaders instead of "playing safe" and getting on the podium.

And there you have it my entire Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile history,the  next chapter is is just over 15 hours away..............

Now Where Did I Leave My Polar Bear Club Application??????

 I apologize dear reader.....{yes you the lone good hearted soul who frequently checks in on the daily bollocks I post on said blog.....God bless you!!!} for the lack of entries this week......but don't get it twisted I have NOT been a slacker...far from it four runs in four days in below freezing and smack dab on 32 degrees......

I recently switched positions at work from the loading dock to the storeroom,ying no longer freezing my nads off eight,nine hours a day in the dead of winter up on the dock,yang no pc access to post ye olde blog...hey ho a small price to pay if it means on a week like this when I ran in temps of 20,26,32,32 degrees that I wasn't already a frozen Popsicle b4 heading out the door at 4.20/4.30......

Monday Dear God!!! 12 miles in 20 degree in white coats w/ nets and tranquilizers should've been out chasing me......were they not shit scared of freezing to death in the prospect....catch me if you can feckers!!!!
Even w/ two pairs of gloves on my fingertips were Novocaine numb and the prospect of cutting down my mileage was a thought.....but "method to my madness" I wanted to go:12,12,12,10 Mon thro Thur to put me in the best possible position for Saturdays all important Hartshorne Masters Mile so I gutted it out by mile 5 and the turnaround at 6 I felt some feeling in said fingertips......

Tuesday another 12 miler but this time in a "balmy" 26 degrees.....BARMY as in "stark raving mad,bonkers,barking,three stops from Dagenham" off my feckin trolley barmy!!!!!
Big shout out to my future mother in law Peaches who gave me a breathable face mask last week which on Monday and again today kept the below freezing winds from freezing my face off.....two down,two to go!

Wednesday feckin ada get the sunscreen out 32 degrees!!! again cursed w/ piss poor circulation my fingertips were numb but to quote the always quotable Monty Python in "Secret Service"" still I was getting used to it by now!!!"

Thursday  after three days of 12 milers only a 10 yesterday to put me at 46 for the week leaving only the required 1.5 mile warm up,mile race,1.5 mile cool down on Saturday to round me out at 50mpw.
Oh yeah,32 degrees again

Friday travel day from Philly to Ithaca b4 tomorrows race......given the shite weather not to mention the crap I've already endured this morning to get there this better be worth it......
To Be Continued.......

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Day Marathon

Following Thursdays  mile and a half warm up,mile race and mile and a half cool down I was at 24 miles for the week.
Given Sunday wasn't an option......even the Lord took Sunday off..... I needed 26 miles over two days to reach my 50 mpw target....12/14-14/12 or 13/13 I went w/ the later.

Blessed w/ Friday off{wtf on race day I was up at 5am worked,took the bus to NYC ran took the bus home and got home around 11.45pm....yeah I was getting up at 5 am Friday to work.....k'off!!!} I tackled yesterdays 13 miler at 2pm conditions were grey and overcast but NOT the frigid 26 degree temps I had to suffer on Wednesday.
It was a nice change of pace to start and finish in the daylight and while at times I felt "clinically dead" from the knees down I was happy to maintain a comfortable 9 min mile pace more or less all done and dusted inside two hours.

Today saw more of the same although I was out the door by 11.45am and the sun was out,allowing moi to don my shades although I noticed it had gotten grey and overcast by the time I hit the 10 mile mark.
Having "taken care of business" yesterday I knew more of the same today was to be expected,again I was back home w/in two hours w/ a sense of accomplishment that even in a "race week" I was able to log a 50 mile week.....this is good since I have three more weeks of this as Phase Two of my prep for Albuquerque unfolds.

Week one in the books,three 12 milers and a 10 on tap Monday thro Thursday b4 heading north to Cornell and Ithaca next Friday for a crack at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Throwback Nite @ The Armory

I said back in October when I ran the Masters 5K XC C'ships and I resurrected my Green Saucony Killkenny spikes,Shamrock bandana and Shamrock socks that it was time to get back into "Shamrock Warrior" mode/mindset and frankly where better than running the indoor mile than New York City last nite to make that a point,afterall my heroes Ronnie Delaney,Marcus O Sullivan and Eamonn Coghlan made a career of running the mile indoors in NYC and while I'm not in their league they are the  milers who inspired me 40 years ago as a high school freshman to be a runner,yes for a few years I lost sight of that......but when your dating "The Rose Of Galway" it's not difficult to find your way back to your green Celtic Paddy roots...

Arriving at The Armory at 6pm there could be little to no question whos mast I'd nailed my colours to,green Ireland baseball cap,Ireland half zip,Ireland rugby shirt,green Boston Celtics 3/4 length bottoms and green running shoes and come race time it was strip down to my kelly green running vest,running shorts and compression shorts,new Ireland running socks resplendent w/ a Shamrock on the ankle and Tri Colour on the heal and yeah and new green Saucony Killkenny spikes......make no mistake "The Shamrock Warrior" was all I had to do was turn in a performance worthy of messers Delaney,O Sullivan and Coghlan.........

Seeding myself at 4.50 I earnt a place in heat 2......but only because "the powers that be" felt it was ok to put 27 runners in heats one and two seriously????
It was what it was all I could do was focus on my race and hope for the best and as it was that's what I got!
#16th I got the inside of line two in lane 4 and got a good reaction to the gun as we broke at the top of the back straight I manoeuvred myself into position,however I must point out at NO time during the race did I have ANY clue to my overall position,glass half full my former coach often told me to"focus on feel" not time,pace,speed,position and last nite felt like a good nite for that!!!!

Seeding myself at 4.50 I did hope maybe 36 seconds per lap for a 4.48 and thro 400m I was on that pace.....frankly after that my splits became a blur.
No idea what my 800m split,1,000m and 1,200m or 1,400m splits were but coming up the home straight to the bell I could see a "clusterfuck" in lane 1{w/ hindsight I was about to lap runners} time to move out into lane 3 and turn on the afterburners.........

I would love to know what I covered the closing 200m was brisk trust me,six weeks of closing my workouts w/ an all out 400m helped and while I got caught up the home straight I finished 4th in 4.50.95,last year I opened in 4.52.44 so either I'm better prepared this year or I'm REALLY  up for the challenge of my 40th season.
Sadly the "official" results don't have me listed.....fucked if I know, I know when I crossed the finish line I looked up at the scoreboard and saw 4th Forde 4.50.95 and that's good enough for me.

Next stop Ithaca and Barton Hall for the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile next Saturday

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Believe Me Eight Was Enough.....

Easy 8 miler to essentially have ones cake and eat it keep my 50 mpw intact but also not over do it the nite b4 my 2016 season opener.
Frankly I was glad it was only an eight miler when I discovered at mile 5 that the temps were a mere 26 degrees.......#fackinada

I knew it was cold having frozen  on the loading dock all day at work prior to heading home and out the door by 4.25pm but I didn't realize it was  that cold.....ignorance is bliss so they say and maybe  if I'd checked the temps b4 leaving work or getting home I might've baulked at the prospect of a run,kudos to "himself" for having the balls to get out there and run.......though at 26 degrees there's every chance I may've frozen them off last nite!!!!

The proverbial "catch 22" it was feckin' cold and not a nite for "dilly dallying" but also just over 24 hours b4 a race I couldn't be burning up fuel that will be required over 8 laps of the track at The Armory this evening so I settled for 8 min mile pace and was back home by 5.45pm,hot shower and even hotter mug of Hot Cider very much the  first order of business.

At least tonite I'll be in the friendly confinds of The Armory where it's possible I may work up/ break a sweat.......what a novel concept in mid January.......

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

38 Degrees......12 Miles.....Didn't Phase {2} Me

Having been by my own admission   a bit of a slacker the last three weeks it was time to quote Delvin Dinkins to "Step Up My Game" and knuckle down period but also going into the four week/four race phase two section of my prep for Indoor Nationals.
I did baulk at Monday given the just above freezing temps......however b4 anyone yells wimp.wuss etc etc I did so secure in the knowledge that I have Saturday to tinker around w/ re my schedule plus method to my madness put in less miles on ye olde pegs prior to Thursdays seasons debut.....old head on old legs.......

Out the door by 4.30pm it was mild 38 degrees and thankfully still daylight when I reached the 6 mile turnaround,glass half empty we're into Winter now glass half full the evenings are getting lighter which given how cold it gets after sundown is a blessing.
Unlike last weeks run I wore gloves last nite......once almost frost bitten,twice shy!

Also unlike last week I got to cuss out a motorist,last  Wednesday I do believe I got through the whole run w/out having to utter the time honoured Captain Feckin' Obvious refrain "it's a feckin' red light wanker!!!" last nite at the red light on the corner of the South St bridge I waited patiently for the lights to turn,up pops the whitewalker.....{sly Game Of Thrones reference!!!} but here comes fuckin Mario Andretti busting thro his red light.....and here comes the good Captain.......

Other than that an unremarkable 12 miler,knowing a race is on tap Thursday I took it easy roughly 9 min mile pace for a 1.48  time another easy 8 miler tonite on tap and then the curtain raiser tomorrow evening at The Armory......

Thursday, January 7, 2016

First We Take Temple.......Then We Take Manhattan!!!!!!

Sixth and final Mo Farah Repeat this afternoon to round off my six week phase one Indoor season prep,up next four races in four weeks{mile,mile,1,000m and 800m} b4 returning to the MFR for three weeks in phase three as I taper for Indoor Nationals in Albequrque.
Arrived at trusty Geasey Field around 3.45pm,had the track pretty much to myself which suited me just dandy.
Conditions were mild mid to low 40s brought and worn my Dublin knit hat but never needed my gloves,the beauty of being on and off the track in 75 mins when daylight still rules the roost.
Five lap warm up b4 switching into my flats,to quote Al Pachino in "Scent Of A Woman" I'm just getting warmed up......

Quickest mile to date at 5.20.14,didn't feel gassed or I'd "shit the bed" 4 seconds up on last week.....

Bollocks! gave back three seconds but took some solace from a 1.16 closing 400m

A second quicker than last week putting me at plus 2 at halfway after two weeks of 3.16s I,ve now gone:3.13.68-3.12.97-3.13.74-3.12.65 the last four weeks.....

Ok glass half empty 2 seconds slower than last week period which also negated my 2 second advantage overall,glass half full at 1.17/1.15/2.32 I ran almost even splits......hope for the boyo yet me thinks!

First off.......feckin ada where'd that 1.13 spring from??? however I was a second down on last week,sucks to run a 1.49 and be pissed......

Ok sports fans at minus 1 I needed 66 for the win,67 for the tie,68 for the loss and while not the 66.10 of  two weeks ago it was good enough for the win.....I'd have celebrated more were I not flat on my back on the track having crossed the finish line and checked my watch........

Plus one for the week,plus seventeen from my December 4th opener,colour me very happy!
Of my six repeats here are my fastest individual splits

And for you "Data Fanatics" here's the last six weeks broken down"chapter & verse"






And there ye have it folks six weeks of hard work now onto phase two four races in four weeks,having sparred the shit out of the gym time to step into the ring where the only bell that tolls is the one to signal the final lap.......

Better Late.....Than Never At All......

Greetings,Salutations and as a Paddy Slainte......wishing  ye all good health in 2016.
I had planned my 2016 debut to be Monday Jan 4th.......however a decisive drop in temprature left me Cold,Tired and Hungry come Monday afternoon and frankly the prospect of freezing my keester off was NOT  a big selling point on the virtue of a run,frankly the siren call of a mug of hot Cider and a nap on my recliner won the day and even though I knew Tuesday would be even colder than Monday I failed to rally myself to pull out the appropriate warm clothing for work on Tuesday.....
How cold was it on the dock Tuesday????? whores heart cold I was NUMB and while the mercury rose a little as the day wore on the dameage was done in those early hours to the point I didn't run again Tuesday......

Mercifully Tuesday nite I got my shit together and dug out work boots,thermal socks and running tights to combat the cold on the dock,that  and a rise above freezing helped yesterday and w/ that I was home by 4.10pm changed and out the door by 4.25pm for a 10 miler.
Switching baseball cap for knit hat, 3/4 length tights and bottoms for full length tights and warm up bottoms and short sleeve shirt under my half zip for long sleeve I was golden.....although Gloves wouldn't have gone a miss to be honest......thankfully my long sleeve running shirt sleeves cover my hands throughout the run and I made sure to throw gloves into my bag for this afternoons visit to the track.

Reached the 5 mile turnaround w/ daylight still in effect,YES it may be getting colder but it's also getting lighter... a fair trade off.
W/ repeats on tap this evening that'll be my lot this week,it ends the 6 week phase 1 segment of my prep for Indoor Nationals,w/ a four week/four race phase 2 starting Monday I need to knuckle down over the next four weeks,but having "dipped my toe in the waters" I feel ready to do what needs doing......