Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Day Marathon

Following Thursdays  mile and a half warm up,mile race and mile and a half cool down I was at 24 miles for the week.
Given Sunday wasn't an option......even the Lord took Sunday off..... I needed 26 miles over two days to reach my 50 mpw target....12/14-14/12 or 13/13 I went w/ the later.

Blessed w/ Friday off{wtf on race day I was up at 5am worked,took the bus to NYC ran took the bus home and got home around 11.45pm....yeah I was getting up at 5 am Friday to work.....k'off!!!} I tackled yesterdays 13 miler at 2pm conditions were grey and overcast but NOT the frigid 26 degree temps I had to suffer on Wednesday.
It was a nice change of pace to start and finish in the daylight and while at times I felt "clinically dead" from the knees down I was happy to maintain a comfortable 9 min mile pace more or less all done and dusted inside two hours.

Today saw more of the same although I was out the door by 11.45am and the sun was out,allowing moi to don my shades although I noticed it had gotten grey and overcast by the time I hit the 10 mile mark.
Having "taken care of business" yesterday I knew more of the same today was to be expected,again I was back home w/in two hours w/ a sense of accomplishment that even in a "race week" I was able to log a 50 mile week.....this is good since I have three more weeks of this as Phase Two of my prep for Albuquerque unfolds.

Week one in the books,three 12 milers and a 10 on tap Monday thro Thursday b4 heading north to Cornell and Ithaca next Friday for a crack at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile.

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