Monday, January 25, 2016

Looks Like We're Going Minimalist This Week

I'll spare ye the gory details of my trip home from Ithaca yesterday,I left at 11am and finally arrived home just b4 9pm,not quite "Planes, Trains And Automobiles" to get home more Automobile Train Train Cab.
While I'm indebted to my M50 colleague Mike Mooney for the ride from Ithaca to Metro Park New Jersey I then dropped $10 on a train from Metro Park to Penn Station since going to Trenton seemed pointless w/ no Septa regional rail service from Trenton to 30th St Philadelphia...
From Penn Station I schlepped four blocks to the Megabus departure area at 11th & 34th only to be told all Philly bound buses were 86ed....bollocks!!!
Back thro the slush to Penn Station to drop $94 on an Amtrak train to Philly{thank christ I had the money otherwise I was fecked!!!}
After pulling into 30th St station at 7.40pm I could've been forgiven for thinking I was "home free"........feck off!!!
After waiting over 40 mins on the west bound trolley platform at 30th St for a #34 to take me home I said what's another $15 and went back to 30th St train station and hailed a cab.....and now you can see why I'm in no major hurry to return to Ithaca next year!!!

Greeted w/ 22 inches of snow I could be forgiven for thinking any miles this week were possible but I owed it to myself to get out there at lunchtime and try if running is my therapy to begin w/ I needed a feckin session after this weekend!!!!
Having tacked on an extra 5 miles yesterday thanks to 5 mile group run w/ a bunch of fellow Hartshorne milers I had 55 mpw for last week,and knowing there was a mound of snow waiting for me upon my return I figured now I could potentially go 45 mpw this week....ah "theory and practice" ya cruel whore ye!

The game plan was:9-9-9-4-14 Monday thro Friday which on paper seemed doable and after an early grocery store trek outside to get a "lay of the land" I felt 9 miles was doable........
Switching running shoes for my workboots to combat said snow,ice and slush off I treked just gone 1pm only to get as far as the Locust St bridge along the Schuylkill Banks and be greeted w/ yellow caution tape across the path,my guess was that section of the Banks had yet to be ploughed/shoveled so at 2.5 miles I turned around and slushed my way back home for a 5 miler.

Don't get it twisted now I'm glad I went out and tried to run and who knows maybe by tomorrow afternoon/evening beyond the Locust St bridge may be clear and I can get my 9 miler in.....and if it isn't it'll be another 5 miler in my boots,as we're always told "when your dealing w/ Mother Nature she always gets the last word".

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