Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Of The Same.....More Or Less

Been a while since I logged a Sunday run,been a while since I logged a six day week also but evidently there's a "new day dawning" for yours truly.
Out the door by 11.30am conditions were almost identical to yesterdays ergo why my running attire was the same....could have ditched the Dublin knit hat in favour of my Spurs baseball cap but I don't want to risk getting sick 5 weeks out from Indoor Nationals.....if it aint broke don't fix it....or so they say!

Remember yesterday I said the section of Kelly Drive just after Columbia bridge has yet to be ploughed/shoveled???? almost became my undoing today,for  a split second I allowed my mind to wander and the next thing I knew my left foot was  going out from under me......thankfully my cat like reflexes allowed me to stay upright,mercifully w/ only 8-6-6 milers on tap Monday thro Wednesday I have to hope the continuing warming temps will help melt that shit b4 I'm back up to 13 milers next Friday and Saturday.

Maybe it was the events of the last week catching up w/ me today but I felt sluggish out there,it surely isn't helping any that I haven't been eating properly since Wednesday.....this too shall pass I know but trying to run 13 milers when you have the appetite of a fecking Sparrow isn't great.

So I'm three weeks into my "Phase 2" phase for Indoor Nationals,final 50 mpw on tap,final pre Nationals race the 800m on tap for Thursday along w/ the deadline for entries and then the taper.
It'll be interesting to see who shows up in Albuquerque on March 4th 5th and 6th,I just have to make sure I'm ready to face whoever I have to in the 1,500m and 800m.

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