Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Broken Hearted But Not Broken,Far From It

Ok so I was a tad coy w/ some of my entries of late re my "social standing" and rather than perpetuate things I'll just come out and say that as of Thursday Candice and I are no longer together.........
I feel the Blogisphere nor Social Media are the arena to air ones "dirty laundry" so respectfully to what Candice and I had and could have continued to have I will retain a dignified silence on the issue saying only that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all and w/ that I wish Candice all the very best for her life as we close the chapter on the  "Kevin & Candice" chronicals and move forward w/ our lives......

I skipped Mondays scheduled 8 miler due to the rain which felt somewhat metaphorical as the sky wasn't the only one crying but took full advantage of yesterdays 44 degree temps and cained a 12 miler.
It's possible heavy rain today is going to knacker any chance of miles ergo why I bummped my prepossed 8 miler to 12,w/ 4 on tap Thursday I'll enter the weekend on 16 miles needing
34 to complete a 4th and final week of 50mpw* ok last week was only 45 but the week b4 was 55 so get off my feckin case!!!

After a week or so of feeling the collective weight of the world around my boney shoulders it felt good to get out and run unincumbered yesterday,granted in life one can't run away from ones problems but putting some miles between them sure helps and while I'm less than thrilled at my newly found single again status at least for the time being should I need the weekends to log my weekly miles I have that option.....though I'm not looking to make that a regular fixture,one of the many facets of being in a relationship w/ Candice I enjoyed was waking up on the weekend and NOT having to go out and log miles so don't look for me to devaite too far from the recent Monday thro Friday schedule I'd gotten used to.


B said...


Sorry to hear about your split with Candice.
Time, sometimes only time can make things look brighter.
Hang in there bro, you're a good man, another fish will surely swim your way.

-- Bruce

kevin f forde said...

Thank you for the kind words Bruce,yes time heals all wounds.....even the deepest....