Wednesday, February 17, 2016

At Sixes But Not Sevens

Felt good to back out running again yesterday after a four day hiatus,Friday got shot to shit when I didn't get done work till 4.15pm,given this was my first Friday downstairs in the Storeroom puting up skids{I'd had the previous four Fridays off due to my race schedule!] I was in for somewhat of a culture shock at the sheer volume of work I had on my plate,not to worry another hours overtime for  "The Kid" ......gotta pay for my Coldplay ticket somehow right???

The weekend got away from me too,it was beyond Brass Monkeys out there to begin w/ and maybe not healthy to run 10 miles in such harsh conditions,plus I am on my taper afterall so trading in longish runs to talk on the dog and bone w/ both my Sisters back in Blighty might not have been the worst thing in the world,it's good to know even w/ the proverbial hitting the fan here of late that family has my back....

Monday it was snowing and again "caution the better part of valor" lead me to sit one out, I've worked too hard for too long to knawls it all up now w/ just under three weeks to Indoor Nationals and besides I knew the rain was going to wash away said snow by Tuesday.......

Gotta fess up and say I needed  to run yesterday was getting that "bouncing off the walls" feeling which is never good....especially when I start to earmark the individuals at work I'd like to "bounce off said walls".....uh w/ the horns and on w/ the running shoes me thinks!
Six miles across the board this week as I look for a 5 day 30mpw nice out and back to Lloyd Hall and Boathouse Row,out the door by 4.30pm a little gray though the "currant bun" did stick it's head throught the clouds towards the end of the run,at 5.01pm Peco Tower read 54 degrees,by the time I hit the South St bridge at 5.12pm it was down to 48 but anything was better than that 26 degrees I ran 10.5 miles in on Thursday.

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