Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seven Up.....

Easy 7 miler to kick off the third and final week of tapering for Indoor Nationals.
A slighly later start than I had hoped it was just b4 5pm when I eventually got out the door thanks in no small part to a trip to good old "piggy post office" at 52nd & Kingsessing to pick up my Jimmy Conners autobiography "The Outsider" which I'm excited to read as "Jimbo" was one of if not my first sporting heroes back in the day.

The original plan for the week was to go:6 4 4 6 for my required 20mpw......however the threat of rain on Wedneday potentially bollockses that up b4 we begin and given my recent first hand experience of Fridays being uber busy at work I felt it prudent to consider a:7 7 6 Monday,Tuesday,Thursday schedule which allows me my "cake and eat it" so to speak three runs in b4 Friday and the prospect of a free weekend......it works for me and since I only have myself to please these days...."heh why not"??

Conditions were sunny and warm 48 degrees which always helps and I was back home just gone 6pm.
The schedule for next weekend is up the 1,500m looks vague as the have it listed between  10.15am and 11am on Saturday where as Sundays 800m is a 10.15am start but unlike the 1,500m it listed as M50 where as the 1,500m is listed as  M30-104 which indicates they could combine some age groups but to be honest thats 11-12 days off just now,I need to focus on whats right in front of me b4 making my way to New Mexico next Friday.....then  I can begin to obsess about that!

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