Saturday, February 20, 2016

As The Days Get Longer So The Memories Get Shorter

Christ if I only had  a dollar for the times work has thrown an industrial size spanner into my running plans in my  almost 16.5 years at the hospital I could afford to sit at Chris Martin's piano in August at The Linc....I shit ye not!!!!!
Yesterday was another prime example of work dictating and dicking me over,don't get it twisted I'm happy to have a job period much less one that keeps a roof over my head,food on the table,money in the bank and my pocket and allows me to pursue my passions,running,music,SPURS my love of the written word be it the books I read or my own writing.......but GOD DAMN IT!!!!
Bad enough I worked through lunch everyday this week,if you've met me you'll know I don't look like I can afford to miss many meals and or you've seen more meat on a butchers pencil but when I feel compelled to "see it through" to the bitter end and make sure not only that I go up to the dock and bail out my former co worker Chris cause he's on his "jack jones" all week and then return to the storeroom to put up ALL the days  skids to the point I punched out at 4.40pm and not my regular 3.15pm.

Home by 5.20pm and unlike Wednesday when I was in a position to get out and get after it yesterday on top of being utterly "jacobsed" I also needed to go food shopping.
We all wage the eternal struggle "does our head rule our heart or does our heart rule our head" but now and then the stomach chimes in and as the "auld fella"  often told me growing up "ye won't get far on fresh air sandwiches boy" so it was food shopping not the run that ruled the roost yesterday.
I had two options today,go to  Temple and knock out a "Mo Farah" repeat and then take care of a six miler tomorrow for my required 12 miles to put me at 30mpw for the week...OR go long today at 12 miles and have my Sunday free.....
That old "all work and no play makes Jack a dull dull boy" adage has a ring of truth to it....but allow me to put  my Paganesque twist on it "all work and no play makes Kevin an angry angry boy"  and much like David Banner who became the Hulk when he got angry "don't make me wouldn't like me when I,m angry{a number of bods don't like  me anyway angry or not....but feck them anyways!!!} I felt compelled to keep my Sunday free for a little "me time" that didn't involve running and w/ that the dye was cast....12 miler today!!

My new running shoes arrived yesterday just as Thursdays 6 miler ran my tally on the old ones to 395 miles so today felt as good as any day to brake the new ones in.
Out the door by 11.25am not sure of the official temps but lets just say I didn't need my Dublin knit hat,gloves or running tights today,shades,SPURS baseball cap,half zip and three quarter length bottoms were the order of the day.
Several bods out there getting their run on this lunchtime,I see two sides to that,where are you during the week when it's harsh? or good for you
I guess I fall into the category of being craven and driven enough to be out there in all conditions but this has all to do w/ the belief that no one will hand me a medal at Indoor Nationals in two weeks time, I have to want it and earn it.
An otherwise uneventful run..minus three dust ups w/ bellends on bikes which earnt a few well chosen black hearted Celtic Pagan outbursts and hand gestures.....what??? mess w/ the bull get the horns{and  now you know why I sport either a knit hat,baseball cap or  keep the devil horns hidden!!!}

12 miler in the books,a 30 mpw under my belt as I continue ye olde taper AND I have the knowledge I don't have "the run" hanging over me may NOT be great right now but I continue to roll w/ the punches even if somedays it's all I can do NOT to throw them......

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