Friday, February 12, 2016

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before......

So I had to sit out Tuesday and Wednesdays scheduled 9 and 8 milers much for getting back to a Monday thro Friday schedule this week!
Tuesday work was a ball buster and between skipping out on lunch and working 50 mins late by the time I got home at 4.45pm the prospect of said 9 miler wasn't too fairness had I not missed out on lunch I think I could've had at it but frankly I was Hank Marvin and a 9 miler when your stomuch thinks your throat has been slit is a tough sell......looks like someones's gonna have to run on Saturday now??!!

Wednesday went to the wall as a "time sensitive" chore cropped up unexpectedly,my hands were tied on that one but the old adage "money talks,bullshit walks" was apt for Wednesday as I wasn't about to see $240 slip through my fingers period muchless because "the run" had to take pole position.....besides I still had Sunday to handle my business of a 5 day 40mpw.
One up side of Wednesday my left heal had been giving me jip since Tuesday,I drew the conclusion that this was my bodys way of reminding me it was time for new gel heals in my shoes.....and what do you know since buying said new gel heals Wednesday more feckin' jip in said left heal.......

Time to crack on yesterday a scheduled 10 miler as I was thinking that'd give me 19 miles,6 on the track Friday{25} and 10 on Saturday would put me at 35 w/ an easy 5 Sunday...40mpw  no worries....... he said!!!!
Well "starter for ten" it was Brass Monkeys out there yesterday  AND it's due to get feckin colder as the weekend arrives...yada yada yada "best laid plans of mice and men"
A few miles into my run I realized there was  NO WAY I could hit the track tomorrow it was 26 degrees and frankly running was one thing,running shorter intervals and then standing around for  three mins to recover b4 the next repeats was NOT happening ....SO on the fly I switched upto 10.5 miles last nite w/ another 10.5 on tap for Friday and I will brave the arctic conditions on Saturday{they're calling for a "high" of 18 degrees!!!!} for a tenner to give my 40mpw....
Granted I'm losing out on a repeat but I'll get my 40mpw in....roundabouts and swings I guess??!!

Good news w/ two layers of everything on last nite I got through my 10.5 miles in a windy as fuck 26 degrees,bad news even w/ two pairs of gloves my finger tips were numb a few miles in but I managed to "gut it out" the prospect of "more of the same" this evening and tomorrow lunchtime isn't exactly filling me w/ glee but it needs doing so let it be done.....days like these I wish I'd been an avid Chess player in high school and not a track runner.....hey ho!

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