Sunday, February 28, 2016

Next Stop Albuquerque.

Easy 6 miler at lunch time to not only put a wrap on the week and the month but also phase three of my prep for this coming weekends Indoor Nationals in Albuquerque New Mexico.
Given my recent mantra of "leaving little to chance" I picked today over yesterday to run based on the forecast,as yesterday while sunny felt windy where as today they were calling for temps in the low to mid brainer really,and while I've been somewhat of a stranger to the Sunday run of late I felt it prudent to get back into the habit given my 800m race is next Sunday.

Up by 8.30am to cop breakfast b4 the Spurs Swansea game I was truly "up for it" by the time the ref blew his final whistle and the boys had come from behind to earn a 2.1 victory that keeps us second behind still surprise leaders Leicester,big week coming up away to Wet Spam on Wednesday b4 the North London derby vs Saturday morning at know the same morning I run the 1,500m in Albuquerque,yes I'll miss the game{cha I will dvr it.....what the fuck!!!!!} but if we lose I'll be extra fired up for the race....and if we win....................

Out the door by noon,sunny and warm as I made my way down to Lloyd Hall my three mile turnaround.
While today marks my lot in terms of prep for Indoor Nationals I will get out a few times this week for some easy 4 milers just to keep the engine tickin' over and maybe some visualization of both my races.....although I pretty much know how I want to execute my race plans.....doing so is another matter!!!!

6 miles for the day,20 for the week,119 for the month and 285 for the year sofar,to quote my former roommate who in his prime was lethal over 5k thro 26.2 miles and knew a little something about how to get the best out of himself for the big races"the hay is in the barn now" here's to a quiet week leading upto making my way to JFK airport on Friday and heading to New Mexico

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