Sunday, February 7, 2016

And So Onto Phase Three.....

12 miler at lunchtime to round out my fourth and final week of Phase Two  four weeks of 50 mpw based around my four pre Indoor Nationals races......check that off the list!

Not much to report run wise,out the door by 12pm home by 1.48pm overcast conditions but unlike yesterdays cock up on going sans gloves I made sure to keep my hand covered up and's easier to flip feckers off and make lewd hand gestures w/ warm mitts......or so I've been told.....a mild manner laid back soul such as my goodself wouldn't know anything about THAT kind of thing.........I tried but I just couldn't bring myself to type that w/ a straight face!!!!!

So ten weeks and two phases in the books I hope and pray the next three weeks of tapering will go w/out illness or injury as I look to reduce my miles per week,40 this week,30 the week after,20 the following week.
Being the feckin' poster child for Irony it should NOT come as any great surprise my recent indoor mile and 800m times are the fastest I've ran since 2011....the year Indoor Nationals were last held in Albuquerque.....I sat out that year to focus on Worlds in Sacramento and Outdoor Nationals in Ohio.
Another interesting sidebar,for reasons best known to only the organizing committee this year it's the 1,500m and not the traditional mile....fine by me period but I should point out after a 4th place finish in the Olympic 1,500m in 76 in Montreal and a 2nd place finish in the 1,500m in Prague in the 78 European Championships Eamon Coghlan won his first major championship in Vienna in 79 in the Indoor European Championships....over 1, good an omen for himself as he aims to win his first Indoor National Championship if ever there was one......

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