Saturday, February 6, 2016

No Fuss,No Fanfare,No Thrills,No Fireworks,Just Miles

Back tracking to yesterday a lunchtime 10 mile recovery run following Thursdays 800m and also setting me up nicely at 26 miles so far for the week for back to back 12 milers over the weekend and another 50mpw.

Out the door by 12.10pm today compared to the 1.50pm from yesterday.....that had more to do w/ yours truly setting his alarm for 9am this morning to allow breakfast b4 the 10am Spurs kick off than anything and following a tidy 1.0 victory which puts us 2nd in the table I was out the door....w/ a song in my heart and and smile on my face.....C,mon you SPURS!!!!

Slight miscalculation on my part re the temps,according to the local news the temps would be in the low to mid 40s so I left my gloves indoors and ditched Dublin knit hat for SPURS baseball cap.....ber!!!!
Note to self since I intend to be on the road earlier tomorrow for my repeat 12 miler said Dublin knit hat and gloves will be worn,.....once bitten,twice shy!

Roughly 1.50 for the run which keeps me w/in the 9 min mile pace I look for on these runs at this stage it's about the miles not the speed.
Tomorrow will feel somewhat sad as it's the last of my planned double digit runs till post Indoor Nationals but after a fourth week of 50mpw it's time for the taper,lower miles,no races but three final scheduled repeats as I hope to hone things for Albuquerque in four weeks time.

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