Friday, February 26, 2016

Seven Down.....Six To Go

After two days lost to the rain I was finally able to get out and run again yesterday,althought in keping w/ the week I'm having not the run I had in mind!
Learning my lesson from the past two weeks on Fridays when I 've had my arse handed to me on a plate at work and had to stay late I thought I'd sidestep that potential pratfall this week and bring my running gear w/ me to work on Thursday so I could hit up Geasey Field on the way home for my final track work out pre Alberqurque.........

Upon arriving there I had a feeling all was not well yes the track was deserted,that's nothing new in the afternoons but looking down the length of the back straight to the gates they looked unusually locked.....
Sure as shit I get to the gates,a sign saying Geasey Field is closed from 2.22 to 3.6 and a chain around the much for that!!!!

Undetered I headed home and since I was already dressed to run it seemed pointless not to get out and take care of my second scheduled  7 miler leaving me w/ either a 6 miler or "Mo Farah" repeat on the weekend to give me  my 20mpw

The rain may have gone but the skies were grey and things were blustery out there,running along the river to half a mile beyond Lloyd Hall can be brisk at the best of time,I would rue not wearing gloves but was able to pull my SPURS half zip sleeve over my hands to keep them from turning to two blocks of ice.

Post game it was time to chow down and watch my beloved SPURS advance to the last 16 of the Europa League all in all not a bad day

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