Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just Call Me Bob Geldof......Cos I Feckin' Hate Mondays!

You'd have thought given my less than sunny disposition I'd been foolhardy enough to "bet the house" on the Carolina Panthers winning Sundays Superbowl.......I have my faults but rest assured one of them isn't gambling......NEVER bet on something you can't control the outcome of.
No my less than "Susie Ray Of Sunshine" attitude  came from work,amazing how I could take Friday off only to return on Monday and find my job done in a typical half arsed fashion which was enough to set me off at 6.30am and pretty much dictate the tone for the day.

Surfice to say getting home and getting stretched changed and out the door for a run felt like a good thing comes 4.20pm and even though my total was only 9 miles it felt good to be out running and blowing off some steam.
Conditions were overcast but 42 degrees,however there's talk of snow in the forcast,once again the "weather whores" at at it again the other day it was 1'' to 3'' inches now it's upto 2'' to 4'' but hopefully it shouldn't effect me too much.

One plus of my taper, since I was out the door by 4.20pm and home again by 5.40pm I was able to complete my first evening run in  eons in daylight......I could get used to that and coupled w/ the fact by the time I start to rebuild my mileage back upto 50mpw post Nationals the clocks will have gone forward and Spring will be upon us.....almost enough to put a smile on my face......almost......

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