Friday, February 19, 2016

Embracing The White Noise

Yesterday was meant to be a joyful occasion,the six month anniversary of Candice and I dating......however fate being the fickle hearted whore that it is decided otherwise  and I was faced w/ the prospect of getting through the day w/ a heavy heart and and a dragging butt following my 10 hour shift on Wednesday and having to get up a tad earlier to be at work by 6am........still the sound of my butt dragging behind me all day would help drown out the sound of my fragile heart shattering into tiny pieces.....

They say "God works in mysterious ways" and on a day when you can imagine I was raw as fuck under the circumstances all I asked for was one brain dead individual to give me the slightest excuse to go off and vent my would've seemed an affront to my lord and saviour to have turned this down when he handed it to me on a silver platter and while I can't speak for the sad sap who got both barrels straight between the eyes at lunch I felt a bit better about myself......I guess "Cus" will think twice about where he leaves his coffee cup next time and who he speaks to......count yourself arsehole lucky pal you weren't wearing the coffee when I was done tearing a strip off you....

Despite being "tired and emotional" when I got home by 4.10pm I still needed to get out and get my run on,again knowing I only had to log 6 miles made it an easier sell but having done so at 5.20pm on Wednesday it would have been some what of a ballbuster at 4.10pm yesterday to have said nah,not feeling it today.

Conditions were remarkably sunny but chilly 35 degrees so Dublin knit hat and gloves were the order of the day again,rumour has it Saturday we could be looking at temps in the 60s which leads me to think that'd be the better day to hit the track for my second to last "Mo Farah" workout.
By then I should also be rocking new running shoes my present pair are closing in on 400 miles,out w/ the old and in w/ the new I guess.

Two weeks to go till Indoor Nationals one more week of taper

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