Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out W/ The Old....

As I blogged yesterday no run on account of the rain on  Sunday which thus forced my hand to committ to laundry post work....what can I say sometimes Running God has to play second fiddle to Domestic God!!!!
Retrospectivly there wasn't much to report on 2013,this time last year I was half hearted in my efforts to train the fact I only managed runs around nearby Clark Park probably says more than a cacophony of words ever could about where I was both mentally and physically.

Once I "stuck a fork" in  the Indoor Season I pretty much knew Outdoor Nationals was a long shot too.....but was I really prepared to sit out a whole season????
The call of the marathon was strong,long b4 the atrocity that befell the Boston Marathon unfolded b4 our disbelieving eyes the lure of the 26.2 was strong,when I ran my last marathon in Athens 2005 I NEVER said it was my LAST marathon ever and w/ the big 50 around the corner in mid November the prospect of continuing my run of marahons in my 20s,30s,40s and now 50s was the motivation I 'd been searching for over the prior 8 months and I set my sights on the Philly marathon just 3 days after my 50th b'day......

Fate....and the reccurence of Tendonitis in my right achilles the same injury that bollocksed up my 09 Outdoor Season raised it's ugly head and not only sidelined me for two months but also hijacked any realistic shot I had at a Fall Marathon,IF and when I opt to tackle a full marathon in my 50s I want it to be w/ a full complement of training under my belt,glass half full that hunger and motivation to resume my 800m/1,500m aspirations,goals  and dreams was back.
August thro October I went about the business of laying down base milage and weekly repeats to tackle the upcoming 2014 Indoor and Outdoor seasons and while November and December got away from me a little I feel I'm ready,willing and dear God hopefully able to meet the challenges ahead,from January 1st onwards

Monday, December 30, 2013

Radio Silence Over

Apologies for the lack of 411 eminating out of Kevinrunningfree of late,cliff notes build up to ye olde b'day{the big 50 no less!!}then a long overdue return to the Motherland{where I did manage a trilogy of 6 milers......YES 666!!!!}however my plans to "hit the ground running" upon my return were bollocked up by a few inches of snow upon my return which fucked in week one of my return and then then next week and a half saw me "all over the place like chicken shit on a farm" hence no runs till Friday Dec 27th......

The timing of that 6 miler couldn't have been spot on 13 days b4 the curtain raisier" on the 2014 Indoor Season at The Armory,4 weeks b4 the prestigious Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile in Ithaca and 11 weeks b4 Indoor Nationals in Boston,if ever there was a time to pull my finger out and get cracking it was this weekend!
I followed up Friday's 6 miler w/ another 6 miler on Saturday but sadly any hopes of it being another 666 went bye bye yesterday thanks to a day long of pissing down rain,the knock on effect of which is no run today since I couldn't even get out to do laundry yesterday and that needs taking care of this evening,glass half full I'm now "forced" to run New Years Eve and New Years Day which is fine by me as I like the "out w/ the old,in w/ the new" symbolism it presents.

From here on in I aim to running and blogging up a storm so for those of you who still check in on me "Rumours od my demise have been greatly exagerated"