Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Rung On Jacobs Ladder

Another 8 miler under my belt last nite as I completed a whole week of training 46 miles in a week since returning to the frey last Wednesday.
Thankfully the muscle soreness that greeted me when I awoke post 6 miler last Thursday morning is now a thing of the past as I feel I've gotten the measure of basic mileage.
90 degrees yesterday,not too uncomfortable although when I saw the lemonade stand just after Girade Ave bridge on the inbound leg of my run my taste glands began to do a Rumba in my parched mouth w/ just over 3.5 miles b4 a cold Kefer Yogurt Smoothie could quench that.

Only one bellend on my run last nite....but she made up for the lack of numbers w/ her stupidity,at the corner of 34th and Spruce w/ traffic one way coming North to south I didn't feel the need to check to my right for oncoming traffic since said traffic was going North from my left,just as I stepped off the curb here comes this pratt on her bike going full tilt in the wrong direction on a one way street almost taking me!!!!!!

The game plan this evening is another 8 miler to put me at 24mpw b4 a rest day b4 returning to the track on Saturday for the old tried and tested "Mo Farah Repeat" mile,1,200m 1,000m 800m 600m 400m w/ 5 lap warm up/cool down which comes out to 6 miles,leaving a return to double digits on Sunday over 10 miles for a the hope of moving up to 10 miles runs next week,Mo Farah repeat and Sunday long run over 14 miles for a 50mpw......then I'll "officially" be back......

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Brick In The Wall

An easy 8 miler last nite to kick off week two of my return to training.
The decision to run or not run Monday was taken out of my hands by work as I ended up working an eleven hour shift Monday 6.50am -5.50pm.
I  was happy for a rest day off the back of 5 six milers in a row and also delighted to avoid what was reported as 98 degree certainly felt that hot on the loading dock between 10.30am and 1.30pm which is why I didn't exit the hospital  till almost 6pm as the 3 hours up on the dock put me behind schedule downstairs in the storeroom putting skids away.....hey ho the extra 2.5 hours will go towards my next cheque which coinsides w/ my next vacation in three weeks time and should allow me to buy my writing desk,hanging rack and boom box as the next phase of the "mancave" project gets underway.

Mercifully yesterday was a more traditional 7am-3.30pm shift which allowed me the opportunity to come home around 4.30pm change,stretch and head out the door by 4.45pm for my run.
88 degrees when I set out,89 by the time I finished some 85 mins later.
Got to break in my new running shoes w/ almost 350 miles on my last pair it felt time to "blood" new shoes and my new New Balance shoes felt comfortable on their maiden voyage.
Felt some signs of life re knee lift and leg turnover in the opening 1.5 mile,had to ease off the gas a little as this was my first 8 miler in a while and didn't want to "flood the engine" early on into the run.

While my conditioning,speed,strength and stamina are slowly working their way back to respectable levels my firey feisty nature continues to show little to no sign of any time off,nine times out of ten the light at University City train station is working against me on the outbound leg.....low and behold yesterday it was in my favour for once as I was able to pick up my pace and not grind to a halt as usual.....that was until "Gramps" decides said red light is NOT applicable to him or his Noddy bike and proceeds to blow throw said red light forcing me to swerve to avoid being clattered.
"ya fuckin' gobshite" I hinted as I drew along side him after the right hand turn onto Spruce St.....he was as oblivious to this as he was to the next red light at South St bridge which he blew through while I waited on the kerb......I hope you get knocked off that bike for blowing thro red lights fucker!!!
Then on the inbound leg after crossing the South St bridge I see this yoke walking towards me head down preoccupied w/ his phone and not looking up to see he's walking straight towards.....yeah tweet this prick"man dude just ran right over me,never saw him coming....damn"
To round out my trilogy of 'Yokes" w/ 8 blocks to go this arsehole makes a right onto 42nd St.....I'm sorry I should know you're turning towards me.....know what'd help w/ that???? you turning on your turn signal dickhead!!!!

The point to this is when I'm "fired up" I know I'm not just out there "going thro the motions" if I just shrugged my shoulders when every arsehole,dickhead,gobshite or yoke did something to piss me off I'd take that as an indication I didn't care,me reacting to every infraction by these bellends tells me the bit is firmly between my teeth and the fire in my soul is burning

Sunday, July 24, 2016

On The Road Again

Well I'm so tired of crying but I'm out on the road again I'm on the road again
You know the first time I travelled out in the rain and snow in the rain and snow
On The Road Again-Canned Heat

HA!!!! Just when you thought it was safe to check the blogosphere again,"yer man" is back at it!!!!!
Following a near nine week hiatus this past week finally felt like the right time to get back into the swing of things.....and we all know how I love to swing.......that sounded SO much better in my head.....!!!!!!
After my Masters 800m at Franklin Field I said I was ready to resume training....and I did.....I ran one 6 miler the week after.....and proceeded to remain on me arse on the feckin' recliner for another fortnite till throwing said feckin recliner out{and replacing it w/ a brand new futon I hasten to add}
During last weeks living room renovations I had to move my National Championships medals from one wall to another.....this just so happened to be the week of 2016 Masters Nationals in Michigan and maybe repositioning my considerable collection lit a fire under me arse that I'd like to add to that collection next year and after checking the results from Michigan,where I feel I could've been in contention for a medal in all three events{800m 1,500m 5,000m} I knew it was time to get back after it so here's a brief summary of "The Week That Was"......all journeys have to start somewhere yeah?

Wed 6 Miles
On the day I returned to work after 6 glorious days off I elected to resume training w/ an easy 6 miler,I have to say w/ no sense of ego this felt right and where I needed to be.
Little in the way of knee lift and leg turnover.....which was to be expected but it wasn't too rough on me....I had to hope Thursday would follow suit....

Thur 6 Miles
Not only did I sleep right through my 5.25am alarm I awoke to the feeling somebody and worked me over w/ a Louisville Slugger.......No Pain,No Gain yeah????
Despite an evening appointment at nearby Camden Waterfront to catch Duran Duran I made sure I got my 6 miler in first.....a few weeks ago I was blowing off runs and pissin' and moanin' about always "putting the run first" so this told me I was back on the right path.

Fri 6 Miles
The original game plan was 3 x 6 milers plus a return to the track this weekend for 24 miles......ah bollocks!!! I knew after my opening two runs I wasn't track ready just yet so why not make it 5 x 6 miles and give myself a 30 mpw,w/ a view to bump next week up to 40 mpw including a return to the track???
After two evenings of 83 and 87 degs I was now confronted by low 90s and running at 3pm not 4.30pm and I had to dig deep mentally and physically to get this one in,the temptation at 2.5 miles to make this a 5 miler was vast but I knew if I "buckled" now at the first hurdle I may not "clear the next hurdle" whatever that may be and since this is NOT "my first rodeo"  I thanked the fact I have Dental coverage at work and gritted my teeth,another 6 miles under my belt

Sat 6 Miles
The next challenge now was to get back into the routine of training on the weekends,don't get it twisted I've enjoyed the feck out of making Full Irish Breakfasts the past two  months and sitting on me hole or feckin' off to Fado's to watch the footie......but that kind of behaviour tends not to lend it's self to podium finishes so lite breakers and out the door to run was the order of the day
W/ talk of temps between 95-98 degs the earlier I got after it the better,out said feckin' door by 11.30am and back gone 12.30pm,yes I was knackered when I got home and lay on the futon till I had to get a shower and head upto New York City to see Eddie Izzard @ The Beacon but I now had 24 miles under my belt,four down one to go!

Sun 6 Miles
Despite not getting home from NYC till gone 2am and not getting to bed till 3.30am I was up by 9.30am,another lite breakfast and back out for another 6 miles
Yes my knee lift and leg turnover have deserted me{for now} my strength,stamina,speed and conditioning have all gone to shite.....but my desire is back......and so is my fiestiness.....
After two days over being made to feel I was treading quicksand by runners,who it has to be said weren't exactly breaking land speed records as they passed me today on the inbound 3 miles I heard footsteps behind me
As "yoke" drew along side me my competitive side rose to the surface and rather than "roll over" I began to match him stride for stride
A runner ahead of us suddenly stopped to talk w/ another runner,"Yoke" decides now is the apt  time to not only overtake me me but also cut right across me leaving me to almost clatter the two stationary runners  to my right
"Ya fuckin' dickhead!!!" I hollered as I pulled alongside yoke and proceeded to leave  him in my wake  you know the code "fuck w/ the bull,get the horns" and this running devil is just getting warmed up!!!!

So my first week back,as each day has passed the soreness in my legs after a nine week hiatus has slowly diminished,yes there's still a long way to go but I feel I'm on the right track moving forward.