Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Rung On Jacobs Ladder

Another 8 miler under my belt last nite as I completed a whole week of training 46 miles in a week since returning to the frey last Wednesday.
Thankfully the muscle soreness that greeted me when I awoke post 6 miler last Thursday morning is now a thing of the past as I feel I've gotten the measure of basic mileage.
90 degrees yesterday,not too uncomfortable although when I saw the lemonade stand just after Girade Ave bridge on the inbound leg of my run my taste glands began to do a Rumba in my parched mouth w/ just over 3.5 miles b4 a cold Kefer Yogurt Smoothie could quench that.

Only one bellend on my run last nite....but she made up for the lack of numbers w/ her stupidity,at the corner of 34th and Spruce w/ traffic one way coming North to south I didn't feel the need to check to my right for oncoming traffic since said traffic was going North from my left,just as I stepped off the curb here comes this pratt on her bike going full tilt in the wrong direction on a one way street almost taking me!!!!!!

The game plan this evening is another 8 miler to put me at 24mpw b4 a rest day b4 returning to the track on Saturday for the old tried and tested "Mo Farah Repeat" mile,1,200m 1,000m 800m 600m 400m w/ 5 lap warm up/cool down which comes out to 6 miles,leaving a return to double digits on Sunday over 10 miles for a the hope of moving up to 10 miles runs next week,Mo Farah repeat and Sunday long run over 14 miles for a 50mpw......then I'll "officially" be back......

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