Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jesus Saves......But Forde Gets The Rebounds

Ask most runners and they'll tell you the worst thing in running is the dreaded DNF Did Not Finish,sure DFL Dead Fuckin' Last isn't a barrel of laughs either but at least in a DFL you've actually finished......
Sunday saw an all too rare DNF for "yer man" I crapped out at mile 9 of a scheduled 14 miler,judging from the gobs of sweat rolling off me not to mention the "Yellow Brick Road" piss I took post run I'd say dehydration was the culprit either way I was left w/ not only a 35mpw but also a  slow 5 mile "walk of shame" home

Monday was a 10 hour day at work which basically banajaxed any thoughts of a run Monday so it was last nite b4 I got the chance to gain redemption for Sundays infraction.
Conditions were surprisingly mild for early August 78 degrees when I set off at 4.40pm and I was cognisent of the fact my bandana wasn't dripping w/ so much sweat that I was constantly having to wipe sweat off my nose during the run like I did on Sunday.
Having cained a ten miler on Saturday I was reasonably confident I had the measure of the distance,fingers crossed 4 x10 miles this week plus 5 on the track Saturday would give me  a 45mpw tally which will surfice through August,I'll bump it up to 50mpw in September and hopefully 60mpw in October b4 dropping back down to 50 in November as I begin to prep for the 2017 Indoor Season.

At the risk of puffing my chest out and allowing my ego to run riot I must say the gradual step up from 6x5 milers to 2x8 milers and now 10 milers has been seemless and just b4 mile 8 last nite I was able to pick up the pace and not only reel in a runner who'd had the gaul to overtake me just b4  Market St bridge but leave in my wake along the Schuylkill footpath on route to the South St bridge,little by little it's getting there.

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