Sunday, August 7, 2016

Zero To Forty Five

I could've been forgiven for thinking I had this week by the balls so to speak after back to back to back 10 milers Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday......they say a week is a long time in's a feckin eternity in masters running!!!!!

Having set it up to bare the fruits of a rest day Friday and finally hit the track for some speed work that all fell apart in spectacular fashion Saturday.....
I could've sworn I set my alarm for 9.30am.....however it's entirely possible I got caught up in the Olympic Opening Cermomy,either way it was 10am when I awoke from my slumber yesterday morning putting me half an hour behind schedule.....
Word from the the weather bods was a hot and steamy afternoon on tap.....ergo why I wanted to be be on the track by 11am and done by laid plans of feckin' mice and men...... and Paddies who run Masters Track!!!
Had I stuck to the blueprint of heading out to Haverford I might've been ok but already behind schedule I felt waiting for the R5 plus the romp from train station to track could be nullified by going to nearer Geasey Field at Temple.......sounded like a sound plan in theory.....however theory and practise ARE the horse of a different colour..........
Arriving at Geasey Field I not only discovered red mesh on the inside of the green plastic fencing that surrounds the outer perimeter of the track BUT  also Caution Hard Hat Area signs every ten feet along the outside.....and a dirty feckin' Portacabin stretching from the inside of the fencing across ALL six lanes of the track and then a fence across the remaining infield to the inside of the left hand side fence,effectively cutting off the top turn and ruling Geasey Field off limits for the foreseeable future.......FECK IT!!!!

By the time I returned home it was now 1pm,I nixed the track in favour of back to back 10 milers to bump my mileage to 50 mpw,no worries there w/ three "tenners" under my belt already this week yeah?????
15 mins into the run I was wiping sweat off my nose as it ran down my face off my bandana just like last Sunday and pretty soon my Spurs Under Armour sleeveless dri fit was anything but feckin'  dry!!!!
On Thursday on my third 10 miler I felt grand until mile 7 b4 that "clinically dead from the knees down" sensation today at mile 3 I already felt that way......
I had three options turn now and go 6/14......carry on till mile 4 and go 8/12 OR say "I'm a feckin' Shamrock Warrior and we're going 10/10 ye bastards"....... sometimes listening to my inner voice is a bitch!!!!!!!
Not long after the turn at mile 5 my legs gave up the ghost and for the second time in a week I had to endure the "runners walk of shame" home,I jogged enough to make it a 6 miler b4 throwing in the towel.......ah bollocks!!!!!

Sunday saw me w/ two options,a 10 miler to log a 46 mile week or a 9 miler to go 45 mpw....NO  a 14 miler to go 50 mpw was NOT  a feckin option......feck off!!!
Out the door by 11.30am mercifully the heat wasn't too brutal,the only reason I can think I've suffered two DNF's w/in a week is that normally at this stage of the season I'm not only winding down from Nationals but also gobs ahead of where I currently reside in terms of strength and stamina and maybe the August heat which doesn't usually effect me is fuckin' w/me.....
Not much in the way of knee lift or leg turn over again  today.....but sweet jaysus enough fuel in the feckin' tank to get me home w/out walking, a small victory but one I'll gladly accept at this stage.

So in three weeks  I've gone from sitting on me arse eating Pizza and Ice Cream like it was an Olympic event
"And Forde wins Gold for Ireland" logging 30mpw,35,mpw,45mpw,granted I've failed to register a single track workout and only have three more weeks to do so b4 5th Avenue Mile but I'm hoping in the spirit of the Olympics I'll nail the next three weeks thus: 10 miles,10 miles,10miles,10mile,Repeats and that plan goes into effect tomorrow.....he said hopefully!

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