Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Run,Therefore I Don't Commit GBH.......

It's over six months now since I traded the madness of the loading dock for the considerable tranquilty of the storeroom at work,however like the Mafia and Priesthood you never really leave.....
My former co worker Chris pulled the old "I'm calling out sick" move yesterday landing me back on the dock for the day and frankly I was more aggravated in 3.5 hours up there than I have been in 3.5 months downstairs,no wonder I needed to run when I got home yesterday afternoon!!!!

As if that wasn't enough I then had to tack on an extra 20 mins to my commute home to swing by Piggy Post Office to reclaim an item, that frankly could've fit through my letterbox the day b4 but for reasons best know to the arsehole who delivers my mail{and does a shite job of doing so let me hasten to add!!!}they chose not to do that so I had to schleep to 52nd & Kingsessing to retrieve it
Glass half full I'm now the proud owner of a green O Neils Ireland running vest that will be my "battle armour" in my up coming races.

Out the door by 5pm which was half the battle,I could've said "ah feck it!" and sprawled across the futon upon arrive home after the day from hell citing the old "I'm tired,I'm hungry I'm pissed off" mantra but I didn't,knowing a 10 miler last nite coupled w/ another this evening will afford me a much needed rest day on Friday b4 hitting the track for some speed work b4 a fourth and final 10 miler on Sunday to potentially rack up a 5 day/45mpw the bench mark for August b4 upping it to 50mpw in September and then hopefully 60 mpw in October b4 dropping back down to 50mpw in November and resuming track workouts as I prepare for the 2017 season.

Another mild evening.....mild in the respect it's August and not 90 degree plus,Tuesday was 78 degrees,last nite 79 degrees...however the 7 day forecast is calling for 92 come Saturday so I'm thinking it'd be prudent on my part to get up reasonable early and be on the track b4 lunch time it's gonna be  tough enough returning to repeats off a 11 week hiatus w/out adding broiling heat into the mix.

Once again 10 miles proved to be no real challenge for me,while a fortnite ago I had zero conditioning muchless Speed,Strength,Stamina I feel I'm slowly returning to acceptable levels of all four now,granted my 10 milers are only at 10 min  mile pace but the stronger I get the faster I feel I can become,I'm not "hanging on for dear life" at the end of my runs so I feel I'm doing something right in that realm.

Here's to less agro at work today and an easy 10 miler this evening...... a boy can dream right???

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