Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

W/ the Olympics now sadly behind me and back to work it was back to the tried and tested up at 5.30am,home by 4.20pm out by 4.30pm 10 mile run routine......
There's a lot to said for routine,you kind of know where you stand,little in the way of surprises to throw a spanner in the works which was the case last week.
My two scheduled 10 miler Monday and Tuesday fell short at 6 and 5 miles respectively as once again the heat got the better of me,christ I was sweating like a hooker in a church both days due to the excessive heat on top of the fact I was running......or trying to run at lunchtime and not mid afternoon as is my won't on a weekday,I said of my two previous "bonks"on July 31st and Aug 6th that I believed it was the heat that did me in and it was ditto for last Monday and much so that I threw the towel in for the remainder of the week,at this stage of the game a 10 miler should come as naturally as breathing....however when you can't be sure you'll finish the run it becomes a tougher sell to get yourself out the door to begin w/.

Thankfully w/ the "dog days of summer" probably in the rear view mirror as we're into the arse end of August now plus running in late afternoon as opposed to lunch time I was able to tackle and conquer yesterdays 10 miler w/out issue.
At 80 degrees conditions were easier to handle and I wasn't dealing w/ sweat dripping off me like I was in a Native American sweat lodge,or trying to contend w/ the heat sapping my strength as I clipped off miles at ten minutes a clip,out the door by 4.30pm ,home by 6.10pm more or less,more of the same this evening would be nice.

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