Friday, August 5, 2016

Method Plus Madness Equals Rest Day

A third 10 miler in the days to put me on the cusp of a 5 day/45mpw providing the weekend goes to script.
Another remarkably cool evening for this time of year 81 degrees as I set out along the "path well travelled" by 4.45pm.
Two weeks ago it required five back to back days at 6 miles at a clip to log 30mpw and yet here w/in the space of three days at 10 miles a clip I'd already logged 30 miles thus far for the week.

I'm looking forward to my rest day today,work will be a bear as it always is on a Friday to begin w/ plus last nite I felt the effects of back to back to back 10 milers,w/ three miles to go I felt "clinically dead" from the knees down and w/ a mile and a half to go my upper thighs began to rebel a little but I was still able to maintain an even 10 mile mile pace throughout the run to be home roughly inside 1.40.

Fingers crossed the track tomorrow morning,off an 11 week hiatus it won't be pretty but 4 weeks of speed work is all I can squeeze in between now and Sept 3rd so it's "all or nothing" b4 hopefully taking care of business again over 10 miles on Sunday.
The Rio Olympics begin tonite w/ the opening ceremony....if that fails to "light a fire" under me nothing will motivate me.......

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