Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Brick In The Wall

An easy 8 miler last nite to kick off week two of my return to training.
The decision to run or not run Monday was taken out of my hands by work as I ended up working an eleven hour shift Monday 6.50am -5.50pm.
I  was happy for a rest day off the back of 5 six milers in a row and also delighted to avoid what was reported as 98 degree certainly felt that hot on the loading dock between 10.30am and 1.30pm which is why I didn't exit the hospital  till almost 6pm as the 3 hours up on the dock put me behind schedule downstairs in the storeroom putting skids away.....hey ho the extra 2.5 hours will go towards my next cheque which coinsides w/ my next vacation in three weeks time and should allow me to buy my writing desk,hanging rack and boom box as the next phase of the "mancave" project gets underway.

Mercifully yesterday was a more traditional 7am-3.30pm shift which allowed me the opportunity to come home around 4.30pm change,stretch and head out the door by 4.45pm for my run.
88 degrees when I set out,89 by the time I finished some 85 mins later.
Got to break in my new running shoes w/ almost 350 miles on my last pair it felt time to "blood" new shoes and my new New Balance shoes felt comfortable on their maiden voyage.
Felt some signs of life re knee lift and leg turnover in the opening 1.5 mile,had to ease off the gas a little as this was my first 8 miler in a while and didn't want to "flood the engine" early on into the run.

While my conditioning,speed,strength and stamina are slowly working their way back to respectable levels my firey feisty nature continues to show little to no sign of any time off,nine times out of ten the light at University City train station is working against me on the outbound leg.....low and behold yesterday it was in my favour for once as I was able to pick up my pace and not grind to a halt as usual.....that was until "Gramps" decides said red light is NOT applicable to him or his Noddy bike and proceeds to blow throw said red light forcing me to swerve to avoid being clattered.
"ya fuckin' gobshite" I hinted as I drew along side him after the right hand turn onto Spruce St.....he was as oblivious to this as he was to the next red light at South St bridge which he blew through while I waited on the kerb......I hope you get knocked off that bike for blowing thro red lights fucker!!!
Then on the inbound leg after crossing the South St bridge I see this yoke walking towards me head down preoccupied w/ his phone and not looking up to see he's walking straight towards.....yeah tweet this prick"man dude just ran right over me,never saw him coming....damn"
To round out my trilogy of 'Yokes" w/ 8 blocks to go this arsehole makes a right onto 42nd St.....I'm sorry I should know you're turning towards me.....know what'd help w/ that???? you turning on your turn signal dickhead!!!!

The point to this is when I'm "fired up" I know I'm not just out there "going thro the motions" if I just shrugged my shoulders when every arsehole,dickhead,gobshite or yoke did something to piss me off I'd take that as an indication I didn't care,me reacting to every infraction by these bellends tells me the bit is firmly between my teeth and the fire in my soul is burning

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