Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hey Ho,Silver Indoor Nationals record now stands at 14 races in 10 years,4 non podium finishes,4 Silvers and 6 Bronzes........STILL awaiting that so far elusive Gold.
Heading into this mornings 1,500m I knew my chances were remote both Mike Blackmore and Landen Summay had bested me in our previous races outdoors Mike over 5,000m and 800m in Sacramento in 2010 and Landen over 800m and 1,500m in Lisle in 2012 but we had never met each other fact until today neither Mike or Landen had competed at Indoor Nationals......just my luck eh?
Glass half empty why now? why this year? Glass half full knowing I had them standing between me and my hopes of an Indoor Gold at Nationals meant I had to train harder than maybe I have over the last few years.

Despite not arriving in Albuquerque till midnight east coast time,10pm here on Friday night I was up by 7am to first shower,then have theory anyway....
Being two hours behind the east coast meant the 7.45am kick off in the all important North London derby was already underway when I crawled out beneath the covers of my King Size bed,1.0 down at half time I was NOT a happy camper,however returning from breakfast "the boys" were 2.1 up and arsenal were down a man.....C'mon You Spurs!!!!!
Sadly for me arsenal tied it at 2.2 so no bragging rights this season as it finished 1.1 in the reverse fixture earlier,we are however three points ahead of our North London foes w/ nine games left this season,regrettably the points we dropped this week at Wet Spam and at home to the gooners means Leicester are now five points clear of us at the top.

Took the short walk from my hotel to the Albuquerque Convention Center,one plus about having Indoor Nationals in New Mexico was it was warm at 9.10am when I made my way downtown,usually at Indoor Nationals in March you're freezing your arse off,it was so warm I did my 1.5 mile warm up outside post stretches.
M50 was heat 6 and eventually we were called by the official to the track,a 12 man field,I was seeded 2 inbetween Mike and Landen.
Good reaction to the gun but the field more or less collapsed on me from my right,I wanted to hold the rail but in doing so found myself in 7th as we came through the finishline w/ 7 laps to go.
No worries I wasn't looking to take it out hard to begin w/ and also dealing w/ the altitude issue my race plan was easy opening 3.5 laps,hard final 800m.
W/ 5 laps to go I moved into 5th behind Blackmore,Burdett,Summay and Larson finally getting by Mayberry and Comstock,I have no idea of pace and or splits and frankly was not worried,chances are at altitude the times would be slow anyway.

W/ 800m to go I moved into 3rd in my mind it was always going to be Blackmore,Burdett,Summay and me when the shake up for medals happened and w/ three laps to go I retained third
At this point I wasn't feeling any effects of the altitude,maybe the fact we went out slow for the opening few laps found none of us in "oxygen debt" all I had to do was hang on.......
Coming off the top turn w/ 450 meters to go Landen made his move,I covered it as best I could and eased by Mike for second in my mind it was going to be either Mike or Landen in front at the bell and I hoped I was close enough to go after them.
Showing no effects from his 400m yesterday where he finished 4th Landen was a good  3 seconds up on me while I held a 2 second lead over Mike.

Unless he tripped,fell or pulled a hamstring Landen was going to win but I was not about to run up the white flag, few years ago I jokingly referred to myself at "the Bronze God" where Indoor Nationals were concerned but for the third race in a row I was about to win a Silver.....and while not the Gold I coveted it was something to show for my efforts.
Landen Gold in 4.31.55,Himself Silver in 4.34.73,Mike Bronze in 4.36.91.

W/ the dust settling now on this mornings race I can be philosophical,I did all I could to win and gave myself the best chance but my best wasn't good enough to win,I can live w/ that.
Tomorrow is a new day and another race,the 800m yes I have to go toe to toe w/ Landen again and last years champ Dan Bergeson but so be it...I'm Ready!!!!!


Scott Brown said...

That's the spirit! Great reporting, great running!!

kevin f forde said...

Thank You Scott