Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hitting The Reset Button

It was always my plan to take off the week after Indoor Nationals to allow body and spirit a chance to heal......however a week became a fortnite{Paddy DNA we NEVER do things by half!!!!} and to be honest I'm ok w/ that.
Kicking things off last nite I have 15 weeks till Outdoor Nationals in Grand Rapids Michigan,4 weeks of 60 mpw base,8 weeks of 55/50mpw and 3 weeks of taper will take me upto mid July b4 jetting off to Michigan,ample time to get myself ready.

Easy 12 miler to kick off proceddings last nite,bit of a shock to the system off two weeks of inactivity on top of only 7 miles the week of Indoor Nationals and 3 weeks of tapering but I handled it out and back in roughly 1 hour and 50 mins at 9 minute mile pace.
Conditions were sunny but w/ a brisk breeze coming off the Schuylkill river,gloves might've been overkill but my trust Dublin knit hat kept my head from getting too chilled and once again long sleeves on my Spurs half zip jacket provided ample cover for my hand when the cold began to take a toll around the 4 mile mark.

I'm happy to be back in the groove again,the clocks have gone forward,Spring has officially arrived so six to seven months of top end training on tap,another dozen miles on tap this afternoon and warmer conditions on the way.....the road to Grand Rapids starts now....

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