Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tired Limbs,Not Tired Excuses

Ok,so I may have over estimated my bodys ability to jump straight back in at 12 miles on Monday....feck!!!
I awoke Tuesday to that "old man walk" feeling,Jaysus I had to sit on the outside of the bathtub to put my socks on that morning to get dressed for work at 5.10am.....this didn't bode well for a repeat performance of 12 miles on Tuesday.....
I might've swung it had my stomach not felt my throat had been slit,however my regular "hook up" for free lunch fell through and an aching body plus an empty stomach did not make a persuasive arguement for a run of any discript or distance on Tuesday......hey ho!

No such worries yesterday sure I was still a little sore from Monday but it least I ate lunch so upon arriving home at 4.10pm it was off w/ the work clothes and into the running gear and out the door by 4.20pm for another 12 miler.
You'd have to have been some sort of ejjit or gobshite not to have ran yesterday....70 degrees...on March 23rd.......fuckin' ada!! shades,shorts and short sleeves were the order of the afternoon as I made my way out along the trusty sidewalk along the Schuylkill River along Kelly Drive.

Another text book 9 min mile pace/1 hour and 50 minute run....granted next Saturday in Central Park over 10k in the Scotland Run I'll need to pick up the pace but I'm confident I can do so and Saturdays final trip to The Armory for the 1,500m at the annual Frontrunners Meet should aid and abet a little bit of pace into my running

Only 10 miles on tap tonite and another potential 70 degree afternoon........lovin' it!!!

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