Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week One In Da Books

Much like the time honoured "it's like riding a bike/falling off a log" I got back into the swing of a 5 day 50mpw this week....even if I did plan it to be a 60mpw.....but you know what....I'm ok w/ it only being 50
Sometimes you have to "walk before you can run" and perhaps going zero to sixty was a tad ambitious to begin w/ so 50mpw it was this week and having gotten that under my belt I feel confident bumping it up to 60 this coming week won't be too much of a stretch for me.

Out the door by 12pm today to "take care of business" only 10 miles given all the extra running I did yesterday which was fine given I was a tad "leggy" after yesterdays multi races....I only planned to run the 1,500m w/ a mile and a half warm up and cool down when I headed north up I 95 to NYC yesterday but then Duncan Smith asked if I was interested in a 4x800m and I said sure....then John Tran asked me if I was interested in a DMR and I said 1,500m Conor O Driscoll asked me if I wanted to warm down out and back over the George Washington bridge......and I said sure........good feckin' job I wasn't asked if I wanted to run a 400m or 4x400m as I'm sure I'd have said sure to that......though it would've given me my own DMR almost,1,500m,1,200m in the DMR and 800m in the 4x800m.......

Grey and overcast out at lunch time but dry,talk of rain in the upcoming seven day forecast which could bollix me for a Monday thro Friday 12 miles=60mpw....I do have Sunday as a "fall back day" if need be and or an early Saturday 12 miler b4 the lunchtime Spurs Liverpool game so we'll "paint,burn,cross,jump" that bridge when the time comes.

Rumour has it it's Easter Sunday today.....I wouldn't know after a brief glimpse into "the holidays" being in a relationship I'm back to being single where frankly each day tends to be just like the one b4....such is life at least I can go home now and enjoy my home made Mushroom Cheesesteak and not have to concern myself w/ the traditional Ham.........

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