Thursday, March 31, 2016

Iron Maiden's Gonna Get Ya!!!!

Ok,so playing a little catch up here......
Monday sat out my planned 12 miler on account of sore calves from Saturday,basically 3,500m in spikes will do that to ye so rather than "fly in the face of it" I felt it prudent to sit out a desire to begin my prep for the upcoming Outdoor season on the DL

Tuesday 12 miler post work at 4.30pm,sunny and warm at 55 degrees but blustery as feck out there,so windy I ditched my Spurs baseball cap in favour of my bandana as I figured there was less chance of said bandana being blown off me head.....yeah it was that windy!!

Wednesday the first of {hopefully} three late morning/lunchtime 12 milers during the week,since Iron Maiden weren't coming to either Philly or Camden on their current "Book Of Souls" tour I said feck it{I say that a lot don't I???!!!!} and got tickets for their NYC show at MSG,tempting as it was to feck off the run I knew that was bollocks and hit "the path well travelled" around 10.20pm.
Was pleasantly surprised to come across as many runners as I did between 10.20am/12.20pm.....I couldn't be the only one playing "hooky" from work/school could I????

Thursday despite not getting to bed till 2.30am this morning I was "up and at em" by 11.25am today to round off March w/ another 12 miler to give me 93 miles for the month...kinda kickin meself for not getting an extra 7 miles in to keep me at triple digits for the fourth month in a row but it is what it is and I would hazard a guess my April and May mileage will like my beloved Iron a heavy mother!!!"

36 miles down,24 to go,hoping to beat the showers tomorrow and get up early enough on Saturday to log another 12 milers between 9am-11am and then down to Fado's to cop Liverpool Spurs at lunchtime....and have the luxury of Sunday off

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