Friday, March 25, 2016

Keeping On The Road Well Travelled

ONLY 56 degrees yesterday and not the whopping 70 of Wednesday but even so still a joy to get out and run.
Three days down and 34 miles to show for my efforts it has so far been a rather seemless transition back into training.

Evidently I spoke too soon re next Saturdays Scotland 10K in Central Park.....the event its self is still going ahead,sadly w/out my partisipation as when I went online yesterday to register I was informed entries are closed now.....BOO!!!
In the general scheme of things no big I was just kean to use the race to see where I'm at right now,I can utilize the week to have a more straightforward 5 day/60mpw w/ 12 milers across the board Monday thro Friday w/ Sunday as my fall back day if I lose a day during the week.

Easy 10 miler yesterday and more of the same on tap this afternoon,w/ a 1,500m race on tap tomorrow afternoon sticking to 9/10 min mile pace will be key,no point leaving my legs out on the Schuylkill Footpath/Banks and Kelly Drive if I can't "deliver the goods" over 7.5 laps of the track at The Armory as I hope to lower my 4.34 from Albuqurque from three weeks ago.

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