Friday, April 1, 2016

Guess The Joke's On Me

Another 12 miler in the books this lunch time between 11.30am and 1.30pm to put me at 48 miles for the week,just need to get up around 8am and be on the road by 9am tomorrow so I can be done and dusted by 11am and have time to hop in and out of the shower b4 coming down town to Fado's to catch the 12.30pm Liverpool Spurs game.

Bit of a grind today if I'm being 100% honest but when did I last put in back to back to back to back runs much less 12 milers?
Very little in the way of knee lift and leg turn over throughout the run which was almost  my undoing w/ half a mile to go when my right foot caught a slab of uneven paving stone......however my semester of Interpretive Dance at University College Dublin kept me upright......knew that would come in useful one of these feckin days!!!!

Erred in my running attire choice today,forecast called for showers so I went w/ baseball cap,rain jacket and warm up bottoms.........jaysus I was sweating like a feckin pig out there,fecking clothes were soaked in sweat by the time I got done and the sweat was running off my forehead into my eyes so much I looked like feckin' Popeye at times out there running w/one eye shut....oh yeah and it never feckin' rained April Fools win for the Weather people I guess.......,however post run tomorrow when I have my 5 day/60mpw under my belt it'll be me having the last feckin' laugh.......

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