Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock & Roll

Seldom one to rest on my laurels I was back on the track this afternoon less than 24 hours after my anchor leg of the Penn Relays M50 4X400m.....did I mention we won bronze by the way........
After a 15 week hiatus of all things repeat based it was always gonna be a bitch getting back into the swing of the "Mo Farah Repeat" mile,1,200m,1,000m,800m,600m,400m but w/ only 10 weeks to Outdoor Nationals I had to start somewhere so Haverford this afternoon it was.

Mercifully it was dryer and warmer than yesterday at Franklin Field when I arrived at Haverford just b4 2pm.......also the track had been relaid since I last worked out here in late May/early June last year forcing me to nearby Lower Merion high school,I prefer Haverford it just feels like the people there have a better sense of "track etiquette" case in point just as I was finishing up two coaches were putting out hurdles for their athlete,they saw I was using lane 1 so set up in lane 2,most other tracks would have set up in lane 1 and told me to deal w/ it,not Haverford and after I informed #1 coach I only had my 600m and 400m to go they waited to move said hurdles into lane 1 when I was finished......#respect

5 lap warm up and back into my flats,I had no preconcieved ideals about, pace/splits today in fact I didn't even bother to look at my times from Jan 7th as I felt they would be irelevant off a 15 week hiatus.......

Feckin' ada,who let the dogs out!!!!!
My previous miles times on this repeat were:5.30.36 5.24.34 5.35.64 5.31.33 5.21.58 5.24.19 5.20.15
The 64 billion question now was "had I shit the bed" over the mile and left feck all for the remaining five distances........

In my previous 6 1,200s I've only failed to go sub 4.00 twice and once was on my debut,both times 4.01 so anytime I'm sub 4.00 I'm happy

Glass half full consistant 400m splits and solid closing 200m,glass half empty last time out I went 3.12.65....

Yea even splits,boo 4 seconds down on Jan 7th....yeah I know I said I wasn't concerned w/ what I did last time out but when the Shamrock Warrior Competive Juices start to flow.....

Solid opening 400m,died a little over the closing 200m.....but give it time over the coming weeks....

I'm used to 66s 67s 68s so 70 smacks a little but all things considered not a bad return to the realm of "Mo Farah Repeats"
.......Till next Saturday.....

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