Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grittin' My Teeth And Getting On W/ It

What's that old adage? "if it isn't one thing,it's another" having shaken off the effects of my virial infection I now had to deal w/ not one,but two teeth extractions yesterday morning.....yeah yeah Paddy dna we do fuck all by half!!!!!

I'd known for a few days a left lower tooth was giving me grief,in fact it was so bad come the second half of the Spurs West Brom game Monday at Fado's if I could've reached into my mouth w/ a pair of plyers and yanked the fecker out myself I would have!!!!

Knowing Wednesday is my token "easy day" at work I knew  I could justify sitting outside the Dental department for a few hours waiting to be seen and some three hours and fiveteen minutes after first heading up there I left sans nagging toothache.....and two teeth.
Turned out an extraction I under went four years ago had left a root tip which was working it's way back through the gum,in order to get access to it the tooth next to it needed to go two,two teeth out at $70 OR extract the root tip and save the other tooth via Root Canal and a Crown for $280.......yeah I'm dropping $280 on saving a feckin' tooth!!!!!

Despite a double bout of oral surgery I not only finished my shift at work{can't imagine the pussys I work w/ sticking around afterwards!!!!} but came home stretched,changed and knocked out another six miler.
Conditions were 20 degrees cooler last nite than Tuesday 53 to 73 degs but frankly when you've ran 13 miles in sub zero temps in January 6 miles in 53 degrees in April is a piece of piss.

If Tuedays 66 mins had been a bit tentative last nites 60 mins felt like I was returning to the lean green mean running machine I pride myself on and that Pancho Gonzales quote to Jimmy Connors
"hard work,tenacity,pride and personality" seldom rang truer than it did last nite.

One more run by Franklin Field tonite......b4 running inside "the old lady" on Friday......can't have a Penn Relays w/out a Philadelphia team showing how it's done now can we?????

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