Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Channeling My Inner Madonna* And Inner Cher*

*Into The Groove
*Turn Back Time

Looking to build on last weeks 60 mpw I had to throw in a few extra wrinkles yesterday,a return to work and getting up at 5.09am plus putting in a full day b4 heading off for my run,plus the unexpected news I'm "in the mix" for the upcoming Penn Relays M50 4X400,

As for work...."meh" I'm back up on the dock this week to cover Chris while he's off,can't lay claim to "my nads being pumped" about it but it is what it is and it's only for a week
As for Penn Relays,that was a surprise even to moi!,I was originally asked late last week and I declined....however the club wasn't taking NO for an answer and I was asked again yesterday and while I have reservations about it I have agreed to run.

Do I want to run it?.....not really being totally honest,will it kill me to run a 400m leg of a relay? not really and who knows maybe by doing a selfless act for three team mates who have a vested interest in running Penn Relays will inspire some good karma down the road for "himself" and Lord knows I could always use good karma....
Also in a year I celebrate 40 years of running lest we forget I begun my career on the track as a 400m/800m runner so maybe this is the universe trying to tell me something????

As for my run last nite I had to settle for an 8 miler due to the rain,I'm pissed because on Friday when I thought it would rain I wore my Spurs rain jacket only to sweat my bollocks off,last nite while doing my best "Drowned Rat" impression said rain jacket was still hanging up on the bathroom shower rail......bone shaggin' dry while I got soaked.......
At least I got 8 miles in and providing I tweak my remaining four runs from 12 miles to 13 miles or throw in a pair of 12/14s I'll still be golden for 60mpw.

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