Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Week,New Attitude....Same Chavs At Work!!!!!

So,I didn't get up at 6.30am on Sunday to tackle my 13 miler.....the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak and while I'm pissed at missing out on a 60 mpw I  can take solice from the fact that even over 4 days at 47 mpw I'm still ahead of the 40mpw I would've put in over 5 days a year ago.

At least where work is concerned things should be more straightforward this week....I was tempted to say normal but I can't type that w/ a straight face......this place feckin' normal.........
W/ my new phone in place I can drown out the chavs w/ my music via Spotify so not only do I not have to talk to these feckers now I don't have to listen to them......oh the unbridaled joy a 68 song Inxs playlist brought me yesterday,the gloves came off after the tailend of last week I now adopt a "speak when I'm spoken to policy" w/ them if someone says hello I respond in kind cos not to would be rude but other than that.....feck off!!

Home by 4.10pm and back out the door by 4.25pm for a 12 miler after getting soaked Monday and Saturday not to mention caught in a shower over the final 2.5 miles on Thursday it was a pleasent change of pace to not have to deal w/ the rain yesterday,in fact temps were 64 degs and sunny,although rain is forecast for today which may force my hand re an early rest day in the week but it appears blue skies are on the horizon for the rest of the week.....a metaphor I could use where work is concerned

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