Saturday, April 9, 2016

Are You Feckin' Shittin' Me I & II

Once again the chavs at "Monkey Shit Central" screwed me for my run yesterday.......explain to me how I'm expected to bring 17 skids down there,put 9 up in two hours b4 having to spend 3 hours helping receive on the loading dock,only to to return 3 hours later w/ three more only to discover FUCK ALL touched while I was up on the dock.....meanwhile Jerk Off Extraordinaire is swanning around like the prize pratt he is doin sweet FA.....the same feckin' ejjit who beat my ear first thing on Monday
"be glad you were off on Friday.....we had 13 skids......."
Feck me here's himself fresh out of feckin' Blue Peter badges.....but ye don't have a chest to fuckin pin it on anyway!!!!!
Fuck Sake!!!!
Upshot it was 5.30pm b4 I got done,glass half empty 2 and 1/4 hours later than my official quittin' time,glass half full that's an extra 2 and 1/4 hours ot on top of the 5 hours of No Lunches I got all week.....feckin trip to Dublin's gonna pay for its self one shaggin' way or another!!!!!
Sadly getting home by 6.30pm rather banajaxed me for a run not to mention Friday is Grocery shopping nite,hey ho looks like I'm running Saturday and Sunday........

Friday nite is traditionally "Dinner & A Movie" as "Chez Alfie's" so after my shower it was time to tuck into a feck off plate of Baked Mac w/ two orders of Ribs and unwind w/ "Never Let Me Go"
Copping the 11pm news to see Villanova's victory parade to City Hall....yep still rockin' Nova Nation!!! I could've sworn the weather girl said "snow tomorrow" April....feck off will ye,I fecked off to bed believing the week had taken it's toll on me.......

Sure as God made little green Apples it began to snow around 12pm......but there's no feckin Global Warming.........that's just made up shite by the media yeah??????
Trust me said feckin' snow was real enough as himself went out for his run at 2pm.....jaysus!!!
I had to dig out me feckin' gloves and thermal ski hat for my 13 miler.....and thank Christ I did......feckin mitts were frozen out there this afternoon,fuck knows the official temps.....but if it's cold enough to's feckin' cold!!!!

Heading into today I had 34 miles and needed 26 over the weekend to get my 60, did I go 14/12? 12/14?? nope settled for a 13/13 split....and while this afternoon's excursion was not fun,not sexy and generally a bull buster I still have to be up at 6.30am tomorrow morning to be out the door by 7.30am so I can get my run in pre Fado's for the Spurs Man Utd 11am kick off.......fecked if I'm missing the last weekend game till May 7th and the chance to hang w/  my tribe" cos I work w/ brain dead feckin' chavs......
Thought today was cold w/ w/ the snow?'ll be down right "frigid as fuck" Monday morning when I return to Monkey Shit Central......

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